Red Moon I: Rise and Conquer - A neverending medieval RPG

Red Moon I: Rise and Conquer is an interactive fiction ChoiceScript RPG I made, in which you can do from anything to everything. So far, the only thing that is released about it is the demo, which will be updated often with more and more content. When it will be released, it will have a Sandbox Mode (which is, playing without storyline at all, and won’t end).

The Demo Link:

My Twitter (where I’ll post updates and stuff about the game):

If you want to find out about everything the game will contain, go to the game itself, and on the top side of the screen is a button named “Game Manual”. Read its contents, and if you don’t feel like reading that much, read the section titles to see what it contains.

If you want to leave some feedback, you can send me an email ( or post it here (where I’ll answer definately sooner than to an email).

If you feel like something is missing from the “Game Manual”, or something should be tweaked, or you find any bugs/typos in the game, or even if there is something I should remove, feel free to tell me, I’m open to all the suggestions.

Remember, feedback got the game so far, without it I wouldn’t even have started creating it. A huge thanks to everyone who does leave feedback!


I learned something in my playthough and it is DO NOT hit inventory durning the building area

@Zach, Every error should be fixed now, try again. My friend beta-tested this and had about 10 errors, which I fixed them all a few minutes ago (there was something in the inventory, it should work fine now).

Also, if you sell plants at the alchemist, you get 100.000 gold coins for each (this is a debug feature until I make more ways to win gold coins).



I recommend anyone playing this to save often; It may have 1 or 2 errors (most of the game was tested and with all the errors fixed in those parts); that is, if there are people playing this.

Very elaborate game so far. I applaud the depth and complexity. I am still playing but wanted to say it is impressive.

@JimD, thank you for your feedback! Good to know it just keeps people playing, although as of now it’s kind of repetitive (that’ll change in the future).

awsome game

@817819, I wouldn’t have made it so far without everyone at CoG that provided feedback as I developed the demo! But thank you :slight_smile: !

error when i help the alchemist i get the healing plants and it says “error line 3152 laves reputation” note i chose to help the blacksmith when your given the choice but i did that and decided to help the alchemist too

I’m enjoying the game so far but I’ve run into parts where I have had to restar, one being me not having iron ores, the other being the dock. And since I don’t know how to save it becomes frustrating having to restart. Great game in all.

@daltonking, it should be fixed in a minute, I fixed the error for the blacksmith quest, but not for the alchemist and wizard (forgot about them).

@QondasDyablo, where specifically did you get stuck when you had no iron bars? And about the dock; what happened that made you get stuck?

Also, for now, please, don’t try building your own ships at the shipyard as that part is not done and will most likely cause errors.

EDIT: @QondasDyablo, you save in your room (where you start the game). You click on save game, and you will get a long password in a text box. You copy the whole thing in a .txt file for later use, so that when you start the game again, you just go to the “Load Game” and write your password there (Note: copy the ----beginpassword— and ----endpassword— as well, they’re part of the password!).

EDIT2: @daltonking, errors fixed!

the a switch up in words that you need to do when your picking your month you were born in it should say were yer’ instead of the other away around

If you can’t get input_number to work, use *input_text instead. Just be sure to add a line:

‘Only type the number of the day you were born. For example, if you were born on the 17th, type 17.’

@AlexCosarca awesome time to play again :smiley:

Alex, quick feedback on choosing your date of birth – the *input_number command doesn’t exist as far as I know, but *input_text can be used for a numeric variable. Give it a try.

Edit: beaten to the punch by Andy. Here’s an example from my game (where “donation” and “wealth” are both numeric variables):

    #Distribute silver to the helots in the nearby farm country.
      *label handout
      How much do you want to give?
      *input_text donation
      *if donation > wealth
        Sadly, you can not give away more wealth than you possess.  Try again.
        *goto handout
        *set wealth -donation

Edit again: got a crash when I went to the docks. Said there was a non-existent variable “frigate2”.

@andymwhy, I could get it to work in the end, but as I was using IE to test it, *input_number was having errors (something that has to do with IE itself). And I’ll change that again to input_number some other time as I’m taking a break from non-stop coding whenever I was at the PC (the only thing I’ll do today anymore is fixing errors, if any).

@Brimstone, I am changing it right now!

@Havenstone, there is an *input_number, you can use it for the user to input only numbers and you can specify a min/max number a player can input. But it won’t work on IE, that was my problem.

I had no iron ores the first time, but when I did it still did, although I sent an error report the second time. As for the docks, I just tried entering them and it did not work.

@AlexCosarca, thanks, I hadn’t known that! For me, *input_text has worked for numeric variables on IE, so if *input_number is buggy on IE, might as well just stick with *input_text? Or is there an advantage to getting *input_number working that I don’t understand?

Like Jim said, well done on the depth and complexity… amazing amount of work going into this!