Recommended WIP's: Consolidation Thread

Is there any good CYOA custom character and race interactive reader Dragon ball thats still active if so plz msg link

Can somone tell me if there is still any dragon ball interactive games if not could someone write an idea i had of one where its basically a ck2 family dynasty type aspects like say if character we play as dies then we play as our characters child till like say wishes back with dragon balls (x number of times till no longer cant)

Hello everyone! sorry for English but I’m Italian😅 I wanted to ask you if you had any court or medieval intrigue games to recommend?

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Hi! I have a WIP that might be interesting to you; it is more comedic than dramatic but does have some court intrigue.

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thank you!

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I recommend one called equia in which there is magic and u get to build a city from scratch and become its king…its 3 books for the first series and its very interesting…also its in medival times


Tried it out. Good recc.

Thank for playing super robot war 30 again, now I really wanted to play some w.i.p with mecha theme, so is there any recommendations besides mecha ace or pulse University

There’s are some great works that need mention…

° Golden; by @milaswriting

° Monster Within; by @Wesker22

° Seven’s Deadly; by @Nostalgiafan

° Last Dream; by @Gilbert_Gallo

(Cause who doesnt like FF? xD)

° Nikola Tesla: War of the Currents; by @dklindzic

° Ogre’s Saga; by @ArashiTurnip

° Night Hunters: First Blood by Varyn_Ashyver (last i known, closes the account)

Sometimes i play again these great wips, and many more that i would not remember from my head to mention here, or are already mentiined previously


Wow! Thank you @Thanatos ! I am humbled to be mentioned among such great works! I am open to any suggestion , hint or feedback. And I wish you all a great holiday season. :tada:


Thank you so much @Thanatos this is the first time I’ve seen my game recommended in something like this!


Thank you so much for mentioning my story on here amongst so many amazing ones, I really appreciate it and it’s also my first time being included on one of these threads; so thank you once again! I hope you’re doing well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Well crap. I was surprised to see a mention in my notifications. Even more to be put in a list like with so many greats. Thanks! :blush::blush:

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Can you recommend me WIPs with Game of Throne wibes? I don’t want to be a prophet, mystic, God or indispensable hero from the very beginning, I want to dive into events gradually, not just immediately burst into it. Yes, MC must suffer and prove to anyone who slandered them that they are worthy!

I played:

  • A Mage Reborn
  • Defiled Hearts: The Barbarian
  • Arcadie: Second-Born
  • The Bastard of Camelot
  • The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One
  • Curse of the Blooming Lotus
  • The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One
  • The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia
  • Honor Amongst Thieves
  • Fallen Lights

Thank you!


Hi, i just wanted to let everyone know about this game since I was totally blown away by this one. I love that it’s love island-esque! I know there are some wips that explore this trope but, i swear to God, this one is sooo fun and dramatic! You’re one of 2 humans who is a participant in buried love, everyone else is a mythical being like a werewolf, vampire, demon etc.

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Recently i played Mordred again, the WIP is by @Protagonist it is pretty much unfinished but the first chapter always feels good with promised good stories, hope he back in the forum again someday


I’m looking for some. I’ve already read what’s currently available for College Tennis: Origin story.

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Guys, maybe you know IF’s with love triangles? No poly route! But IF’s where flirting with multiple RO’s at once has consequences! So many people write poly routes, but so few write love triangles. Why? I don’t want to romance everyone, but I want some drama and choices for my MC.


I’d encourage everyone to try out Vendetta: Rise of a gangster. It was this game that really got me into choice games.

Wayhaven probably? I’ve never try that route, though.

I’ve been re-watching Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and it’s been a blast. I’ve forgotten how good this series was. Anyone knows IFs or WIPs that have the same plot? High schoolers against supernatural beings, teenager hunters? Today I’ve finished It Lives in the Woods from Choices app, and it’s exactly the vibe I’ve been looking for, but the thing with diamonds and keys it’s terrible :frowning: