Recommend Good Interactive Games?


Can anyone recommend a game that is interactive (Not text, but visuals novels, something like telltale games, or something like heavy rain)? If the story,gameplay, and other things are good and it’s linear (Mirror’s edge) , can you reccomend it to me still?


I think there was an author on this website once who made a visual novel game, this was almost 2 years ago though. I doubt that the game is still up because the user have left for quite a while. I didn’t read the whole game so i am not sure if it a comic the whole way through.

Other than that i personally do no know of a visual novel game or another similar to heavy rain or telltale games. But this is what i found when i googled it. I don’t know how good they are but it seems that they are interactive visual novels:

I personally recommend waiting for the new minecraft telltale game they are releasing or wait for the second episode for “Tales from borderlands” and “Game of thrones” because they seem like the only legit company for such games.


Yea the problem with Game of Thrones and all that is it isn’t very interactive, you’re set on a plot for the whole road, nothing can interfere with it


Ah, i never played the game of thrones. I merely watched a play through of it so i was unaware, But i’ve got to admit even still it’s got an awesome story.


What sort of stories do you enjoy and what platform do you want the games for?

I don’t play much visual novels and I’ve never played any of the Tell Tale games, however Hanako Games just released Sword Daughter which is a direct adaption of an 80s game book. No idea if it’s good or not but it has nice pictures.

Moacube’s Cinders is lovely however you’ve just missed the winter sale. It’s a beautiful game, lots of choice, lots of different endings. They’ve a new game called Solstice coming out too.

King of Dragon Pass may count. I bought it years ago and just found the learning curve too difficult, but I picked it up for my tablet as a Xmas gift and slowly getting into it. There’s all these different decisions you get to make as a leader which are fun and lead onto more stories.


These threads are quite old, but I thought that they contain some decent suggestions.


If you’re looking for Visual Novels, I can recommend Fate.Stay Night. It’s sometimes called the best VN of all time, and it’s about a battle royale between 7 magicians who summon ancient heroes like Cuchullin and Hercules to fight in a battle royale for the Holy Grail. Despite the fantastical elements, there are actually a lot of gritty and genuinely sad moments.

For something darker and scarier, try Song of Saya, also called Saya no Uta. It’s a story about a man with a mental disorder that makes him see everyone as a monster. Contains graphic images, cannibalism, murder, rape and horror. Wait, contained graphic images? An understatement if I’ve ever made one. Over 80% of the images in this VN are graphic. It’s one of my favourites, but it’s hard to find an English version of this online.

For something more lighthearted, try Katawa Shoujo. You play as someone with a heart condition sent to a special school. Romance ensues.

Edited to add: Saya can be considered sort of railroaded, because there aren’t a lot of decisions throughout the game. Personally though, I think the fact that the player has no control over what’s happening added to the sense of horror.


Winter Wolves has some good ones. I particularly like Roommates and Nicole.


I highly recommend Kentucky Route Zero. It’s pretty hard to describe; it might be good if you familiarise yourself with the idea of magical realism if you want to have some idea of what it’s going for, or play the demo (which has very little plot relevance) or one of the interludes (The Entertainment is more relevant than Here and There Along the Echo, but both match the game’s spirit). Fairly unusually, despite offering a large number of player-guided choices they have no affect on the (linear) plot. Instead, you shape the character’s inner world.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a complete game. There are supposed to be five acts and only three have been released so far, with the time between the release of the acts now apporoaching a year. I personally find it really relaxing to play and unusually beautiful, so even in the unlikely event that this game stops being developed, I doubt I’ll regret my purchase. That’s just me though, and I strongly recommend you wait until all of the acts are released to make a decision if you don’t think you’ll feel the same.


The current Humble Mobile Bundle has King of Dragon Pass and Sorcery 2 in it, two games with choice-based mechanics. Of the other games I’ve only played Doodle Kingdom (which I had fun with) if you’ve an android device I’d say it’s definitely worth buying the bundle.

Posting here since it was the last thread I could find where I mentioned KoDP