Recently Discover CoG... Want to write!

A few weeks ago i discovered Choice of Games and i’m already dreaming about having a game in the Hosted Games section. I started writing and with just think about the world reading my work gives me chills.
It’s amazing how many people likes the Choice Games and i’d be proud to contribute with the CoG community.
Just wanna come by and say hi to the forum.
See you in the next game.


Good luck, I had the same dream and emotions when I started, and things are rolling very well. Word of advise though, if you have a strong opinion about something, may want to keep it to your self for the sake of your WIPs.

@Pablo_Toledo Welcome and enjoy your stay! :grin:

So if a have a great idea, i should not post it as wip?

No way. Post it up when you’re ready but there are people who might negatively try to shoot down your ideas. Just be strong and push those aside, if the comments are not constructive or helpful in any way. Majority of posters here are not like that. My advice is to put that in your WiP description “constructive criticism welcome”. Generally deters those who just don’t like it to keep that opinion to themselves. Happy writing :smile:

Also I think what @TechDragon610 means is keeping your personal opinions off of the forums. Like debating and such. Someone always takes offence or misinterpretes things so I’d recommend to read the guidelines if you haven’t already. (FAQ - link in the menu).


Silverstone’s got it covered

Hi @Pablo_Toledo and welcome to the forums.

I’d suggest checking out the rules. Welcome to the Choice of Games Forum

One of our rules is actually

And we do actually have an introduce yourself thread now.

Feel free to start a WIP thread though when you have an idea for a game.


It’s in the forum guidelines that abusive language or slurs aren’t allowed. But as far as strong opinions go, there are plenty of controversial topics being discussed in General, with all kinds of different views. It’s not like you’ll get flagged and censored if you’re following the basic rules (there are also some that aren’t obvious, like not going off-topic or asking about game updates.)

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Hi and good luck with your game! A lot of people like to play the demos, so you’ll have yourself quite a few bug testers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Demos aren’t supposed to have any bugs, as they represent the final product. Playtests can have bugs galore though.

Ah, right, I always get those mixed up.

Hey, I just joined Hosted games, and am eager to get started on my own story. But, it says it only accepts people with past writing experience. So, if I don’t have any, since I am a student in high school still, will they not accept it?


The official Choice of Games only accept people with writing experience. Hosted Games though don’t have that requirement. In fact the very first Hosted Game was written by someone in high school. You will need to get your parents to sign your contract if you’re underage though.

Ah, ok that makes sense. Thanks!

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