Good day, people!
I’m Defenestrate, a longtime lurker of the forums and consumer of text-based games. I’ve recently completed my bachelor’s and finally found some time (and DETERMINATION) to flesh out this project.


You are a commander for Praetorian, a private security company in the golden age of superheroes and villains. The 31st Aberration Conclave looms over Raden City and you are the very reluctant representative for Praetorian.

There, you are drawn into the eyes of a witty villain, a snarky cop, a beguiling neighbour, and a broody hero.

DEMO | Tumblr

Word count: 3300+

For more background information on the setting and characters, click on the Tumblr link.

Friends, maybe? (no spoilers)

Bold of you to assume that they will be up for romance.

Physical description: AXIS does not wear a mask. He displays his elegant Asiatic facial features openly. His lean physique is covered by a signature white Mao suit embroidered with blue motifs.

The most popular villain in Raden City, known as a Robin-Hood-esque vigilante. His “misdeeds” are often linked to corrupted politicians and anonymous donations to charitable organisations.

He is the current craze for teenagers and young adults. The general public likes living vicariously through him. Cheesy and ridiculous, dashing and flirtatious, intelligent and gracious, the perfect PR-friendly Villain.

Raven van Gogh
Physical description: Raven is of European descent. She possesses long black hair, pale skin, and a machine for a body. Her frequent fights with villains and a passion for close combat keeps her in extremely good shape. Despite her perpetual dark circles, she is a classic beauty.

A young, hardworking police officer in the SPD. She is notorious for foiling criminal and villains’ schemes with plenty of property damage. Most civilians avoid her and her “violent tendencies”.

On the other hand, her rugged good looks, stinging sarcasm and fountain of pet names draws a not insignificant number of villains to her like bees to honey.

Logan Woods
Physical description: Logan inherited the distinct blonde, curly hair, and brown skin of a native Helasian. Outside of work, her wardrobe consists of suits in a variety of colours and styles- all tailored to flatter her figure.

The surprisingly mysterious Civil Defence liaison who happens to be your neighbour. She has complicated views on Aberrations, and of heroes and villains. A trained negotiator and an experienced paramedic, her role in the Conclave is not to be downplayed.

Logan is attractive, responsible, and possesses high emotional intelligence, making her well-liked amongst her colleagues.

Physical description: Basilisk is a tall, muscular man of mixed race, who counter-intuitive to his size, specialises in stealth. He is typically recognised by his large stature, dark outfit and imposing manner. His face is disguised with a visor and a neck gaiter.

Basilisk’s career began as a solo hero, then a hero duo with Alexis, and finally, as a part of Team Crisis. He was believed to be the sidekick and lover of Alexis- who was the most well-known hero of Raden City before her death.

Basilisk is treated with great respect in the hero circles, particularly the IMO.

Update log

This topic was born 09.09.21.
DEMO available 26.09.21.
Character portraits 29.01.22
Character portraits update 02.02.22

Status update · 26 DEC 21

Update postponed- death in the family + new job.


Current portraits are created using CK3 (face models), google images (clothes and accessories) and Photoshop.

My goals for this project:

  • Authentic personalities
  • Discussions of justice, vigilantism, and human conditions
  • Mysteries that serve as secondary plots

The world and backstories have been written out but less so the actual story. So feel free to ask about anything you find confusing or curious.


Wow… Please keep it (determination) up! I’m still finding mine.

Starting as a captain (a high position of a group) also sounds refreshing. Although, as a shapeshifter lover, I would have suggested including a shapeshifter villain but you do you.

Looking forward to it.


Nice. Can’t wait to read your demo.

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I look forward reading your long demo.


Very interesting project, can’t wait to see the very early demo eh.

Also an interesting choice of the name, “Raden”, I believe I heard this somewhere. Meh, just ignore it. Anyway, keep that determination spirit and time! :wink:


Looking forward to reading the demo

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Sounds interesting

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All WIP threads require playable demos, therefore your thread has been locked for the time being. If you haven’t started writing a demo yet or are still in the beginning stages of planning your game, we encourage you to post on the interest check thread instead.

Once you have a playable demo ready, simply message one of the mods and we’ll be happy to reopen the thread!

If you’re not sure how to share a demo, simply go to dashingdon.com, a third-party hosting site for ChoiceScript games. After you create an account, you’ll be able to upload your game and share the link to it in the OP of this topic.

Good luck with your game! :heart:

@reinelgarret Thank you! I hope not just you but any potential writers find the courage and tenacity to post your works.
P.S. What makes you think your character has powers? [Evil laughter]

@GliCurse Thanks! But it won’t be long for some time. Do check out the Tumblr page if you are curious about the world though.

@Xi_Mulais “Raden” is from Raden Saleh, an Indonesian artist whose works I’ve had to opportunity to see once. His life and paintings are quite interesting. Thank you for your interest!


Interesting but short… I’d love to see more