Quota has been exceeded error

Error message on practically all games.

@Szaal fix site?!

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The quota exceeded issue is related to the website; I’ve found that switching browsers or clearing my cache works.

It would be good to post the “returned from the last gosub” screenshot in the Soul Stone War thread or send it to support(at)hostedgames(dot)com as that is a separate issue.

I already tried clearing the cache. Only worked for 2 minutes?

Have you tried switching to a different browser?

Didn’t help.

Send the screenshots, and a detailed description of the problem, to support@choiceofgames.com.

Hi! I had the same problem, here there’s a quick fix:
This QuotaExceededError is common to many browsers, so if you’re not using Firefox you just have to check how to fix it for your particular browser. Hope it helps!


I do 99.5% of my playing online with Chrome and haven’t had this issue recently. Firefox is my main browser though and I’m pretty sure that this is is the error I reported a while back before doing the switch for COG games.

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If you want to switch back to Firefox the fix is actually pretty simple and quick. You just have to set a larger value to the stored data space as described in the article and you’re done!


On Firefox, you can also use the CSGT plugin to solve ‘The quota has been exceeded’ error : CSGT: Back button, save syncing, variable notifications extension for Firefox