quota exceeded error

this error keeps coming up when want to start a story.


Uh can you offer any more context? Like what browser, which story, relevant code?

Google search for “your team of advisers will face many challenges along the way. When should you” brings up The Kepler Colony.

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Hmm okay, I know that game has a free online demo so I can’t tell if that’s it.

Don’t take my word for it but is Window 7 and/or Google Chrome not super compatible with choicesript games (because of the .js?)

Either way I guess we’ll wait for the other guys to fix it as i have no clue.

From quick Google search, your browser’s local storage is full.
@TimboTheDrak What browser do you use?

Not to be repetitive but can you give any more context? Have you bought the game or are you playing the free demo? And which browser are you using? Is this just on opening the game or at a specific part

Just a complete guess but I’m thinking it’s a javascript or something problem. We’ll have to wait for someone super skilled (or anyone else tbh) to see if they know what’s up

Is this a legit copy of the game? I suggest emailing support: support@choiceofgames.com. I would include your receipt, the game you are having issue with, what platform you are having issues with, and any other pertinent info (such as what choices and where in the story you are that is having this issue crop up).

If this is a pirated or modded game that you downloaded, then you’re out of luck.

Please follow the suggestion below: