Quicktest and Compiled Games

Hey everybody,

I am using quicktest in the main directory that was included with the choicescript files. When it runs through my game files, it passes. I have not used quicktest on the compiled game, however. It sounds like the compiled file is creating an error that I’m not seeing on my quicktests.

My question is, how can you run a quicktest on your final compiled file?

When I try it, the quicktest gives me errors on all of the “instructions\callouts\licensing” etc. that aren’t part of my game scenes. It sounds like the error that the user is getting is “illegal to fall out of a *choice statement.” (I’ve seen this error before, but I thought I found a way to fix it…and, when running my quicktests, the error doesn’t appear.) As a result, I’m trying to figure out how to run the quicktest that will show these errors I’m not seeing.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Uh, AFAIK, quicktest can’t be used on complied games. That said compiling a game doesn’t remove or alter any data, it just sticks it all into one file for easy management. If there’s an error in a compiled game, it’s there in the original files too, so you’re probably going to have to be more specific about which you mean by: “It sounds like the compiled file is creating an error that I’m not seeing on my quicktests.”

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As @Reaperoa said you can’t quick-test a compiled game, and even if you could, the results should be identical. Quick-test your mygame folder and make sure that passes before compiling.

@Reaperoa and @CJW, thank you for your responses!

I did run the quicktest on the mygame files before compiling it and there were no errors. When both quicktest and randomtest came back without errors, I compiled the game. The problem is that I’ve sent this compiled game to someone else and now they’re telling me that when they run quicktest they’re getting an error that my tests didn’t find. I’m trying to figure out why they’re seeing something different than I’m seeing. All I’m sending them is the compiled version, and I’m not sure how they’re running quicktest, which is why I posted to the forum! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

If you’ve sent them a complied game, they can’t run quicktest on it because, as CJW mentioned, quicktest doesn’t work on compiled games, so whatever they’re doing, it’s wrong, and really, without knowing what their doing wrong, there’s nothing more we can elaborate on, other than to guess at where they’re going wrong.

Just wondering… I haven’t gotten to the ‘testing’ part yet myself… but does this quicktest work differently if you run it on a ‘file’ vs if you run by just the .bat file? Will/should you get different results?

Inquiring Mind :slightly_smiling:

Run the HTML version, the .bat version is the old one (they work the same more or less, but the HTML is just easier to use).

OK great - thank you! Are there different/newer versions? Or is the ‘choicescript’ download I got probably have the newest versions of the tests? Downloaded 5 months or so ago… should it be the most current?

This link should always download the newest version. If you still have the zip file from when you downloaded last time, check the file name. There should be a list of numbers/letters at the end. If they’re different, it’s been updated. (In fact, you don’t even have to DL the file to check, just look at your version, and when you start to DL the new version, check the name there.)

That said, having an old version shouldn’t really be too much of a problem.

Great thanks for the info! @TheBellaNotte Sorry for walking in on your thread!

Thank you for your help, everyone. I think I’ve identified the problem causing discrepancies in the quicktest results.

And @Pirate, no problem :wink:

Thanks again!