Questions about the Price of Freedom and CYS

Well I’m sorry if I offended you but it’s just to prove a point. We’re all mature adults here, I think a word that’s thrown around like candy now a days is pretty acceptable to see.


It’s explicitly against forum rules, and just because it’s not harmful to you doesn’t mean it’s not harmful to others, especially in that context.


Fine I’ll change my example. Since its so awful.


So do we. We can’t afford it.

We did hire a new customer support staff member, who has since been promoted to Editorial Assistant, and the candidate we hired wasn’t the best fit for community management, though we’d initially envisioned that being part of the role. They’ve taken on other things that better fit their background.


Well I’m a bit confused because you said:

And that will never be published.

So it did feel like you were talking about publication rules to me.


So, do you see why there’s an issue here? You don’t. Even after I told you that example wasn’t acceptable. Then you sarcastically grumble about editing a patently offensive racial slur. You would prefer to argue every point. You don’t respect the norms of the community–so issues are going to crop up for you here.


I’m not one of the people who normally say these sorts of things. It’s a example that everyone can say “hey that’s not cool” it’s to prove a point. But instead of reading the rest of the post and addressing that you all descended on the bloody example! Like do you see my point? That instead of addressing what I said you fixated on the one thing ignoring the context.

Bullshit. I don’t go around chanting and arguing with everything said. I’m here because I sincerely care and love these games, I want to see these games and authors flurrish and become a real dot on the radar of letature. But there are obvisly problems I want to help fix theses things that’s what I’m even doing all this. I don’t want to come here and break things, but it seems that’s all you think I want.


Fine, I’ll address the rest, no problem, I’m happy to repeat myself.

Unfair? Unfair based on what? We host a forum for you, for free. Someone running it didn’t like the way you were behaving at our free party and told you to leave.

Would it be great if we had time to argue about every flagged or deleted post and banning? Yes. It really would. I know it would make a lot of people happy that someone on the internet is willing to argue with them and pay attention to them. As I said: we don’t have the time for that.


That’s not what I said. More to the point, it’s not a good use of my time to debate this with you.

Yes, it is too much to ask.

When a fire is lit–especially over the holidays, like the MMM fiasco–my response is and always will be to fully suppress that fire, so I can get the fuck back to trying to enjoy my time off. And if that means banning people left and right, so be it. When it says “Grouch-in-Chief” next to my name, what do you think that it means?

This is not a court of law. The rules will not be defined any more than they currently are. As evinced by your own conduct, you didn’t read the rules yourself before you were banned. More broadly, though, the core rule of this forum is to behave like a compassionate, empathetic, self-aware human being; everything else is just details. If you don’t know how do that, allow me to introduce you to my dear friend the door.

As has been pointed out, we did not take down the game. We took down the thread. You could say that we “deplatformed” Sam–making it more difficult for people to find and discuss the game–but to say that we censored him is a gross misrepresentation. We closed and locked the thread because it was the holidays and we were trying to enjoy our time off and you all couldn’t behave yourselves without being constantly monitored.

The rules clearly state to not create secondary accounts in order to circumvent a ban. If you want to appeal a ruling, send an email to . I don’t understand what’s difficult about that.

But, and here’s the kicker, this is all ultimately up to me. My house, my rules. Again, if you want to leave, there’s the door. We’ll be just fine without you.

As Mary said, yeah, so do we. I anticipate that a CM will be our next hire.

If Avery wanted to resubmit the game for publication, we would review it like we review all other submissions. And now that we have contact info for Alex, yes, a suitable release could be drawn up that would make things clear w/r/t the copyright. So, assuming that it wasn’t grossly offensive, and/or she fixed things that we found to be such, then yes.

I can’t disagree with you enough. I’m familiar with this argument, and I just think it’s wrong. As evinced by conversations on this forum, allowing people to conjecture endlessly perpetuates misunderstandings, rather than clearing them up. Moreover, we don’t make money from moderating these forums and refuting arguments. We make money from publishing games. So we’re not going to spend our time indulging arguments made from ignorance, bad faith, or delusion, which is what “being open to them” would entail.

As Mary said previously, I’m putting an end to this conversation here. If you have questions, feel free to email support.