Projekt Liquid Fusion W.I.P Minor update added 2018/11/20



I would rather not depress every reader who reads this…haven’t I been descriptive enough with the pain?


Drowning? Yes it did. Sensory deprivation not yet.


Well it doesn’t have to be mandatory after all just for the people who want to RP an angsty character.


There are many branches to this story already, adding more will not help. I cannot please everyone


Okay then let’s move on to the next phase, what happens after some of the teammates dies? Do we get to plan an escape plan or something like that?


I cant answer that, that’s like me telling you how the story will go. Which is exactly what this is. You’ll have to wait to see like everyone else.


Oh man now I’m looking forward to that demo update😆


It doesn’t have to be anything complex. What I’m saying is, for example, a simple acceptance/defiance opposing stat. If I accept my powers, accept the ‘new me’ it raises that stat, if I don’t and I’d rather be human, it could raise the ‘defiance’ stat. Some flavor text and minor tweaks in how conversations go based on that stat would do wonders. But of course, it’s your game and it’s up to you whether the extra work would be worth it.


Also if possible, try to put in some personality stats like ruthless vs mercy and such thing. It might help to give a different flavour text as our MC personality will affect how he/she see the world.


Ladies and gents, mostly gentlemen because you guys will appreciate this more. Whilst sitting a toilet contemplating the next scene it suddenly struck me. I want to add some thing of humor not just dark storyline after storyline that would make everyone depressed. And so I came up with this: in the next scene you will be able to teabag your enemy corpse.

Hands up if you like this idea




so…no? @Jeruspi

I thought it was a good idea -_-


Just no. Plus I only ever play a female so there’s no teabag to teabag with.


Awww…I thought it was a great idea. Lemme see what the others think and i’ll get back to you on that. @VioletHikari @Felix_Ronan @soprano


Doesn’t that would mean it’s exclusive for male MC? Well I would like to be able to teabag my enemies after I defeat them, but let’s see what other people think about it.
Edit: Or you could let the MC take selfies after defeating the enemy. It gives me the vibe of what Deadpool would do to mock his enemy😂


Teabagging a… corpse? You mean teabagging as in the sexual way, right? Isn’t that bordering on necrophilia?


Does nobody here play call of duty?


You might put it in if you want to, but be warned because a lot of people might take offense to that (and rightfully so). I also don’t think HG would ever approve of something like that.


It’s been downhill since Modern Warfare 2😂


Darn it, those guys have no sense of humor