[Possible Bug] Infinite Income & Wealth

First time posting and only recently started playing Choice of the Vampire but as I was constantly restarting (trying to see all the Character Creation choices) I’ve noticed one set of choices allowed me to increase income and wealth every time I selected those choices and before restarting. I don’t know if there are any choices that does the same, so far I know is that it works if you do the following:

  • He is the one that is pinned
  • I rush to his rescue!
  • Fernando de Villanueva e Itamaraca
  • Bowed in greeting
  • But he found me instead…
  • Thanks to yearly subsidies…

After repeating the process a couple times, these are my current stats


Um. Just to be clear, this version was legitimately purchased and not downloaded from pirates, right?


yeah, that was gonna be my question too

Sounds like the variable isn’t being reset after restarting, could be a honest mistake on the authors part

If you try the most recent update hosted actually here on the main website for free… no such bug occurs. Hm.

Yeah, I legitimately purchased it on Google playstore.

Edit: Wait, my bad, this is the sequel on the screenshot lol, the first one is free so yeah, definitely not pirated

Ehhh, it’s probably my phone being glitchy then.
I purchased it on Google Playstore on my phone, I didn’t even know it’s free on this site xD

Edit: Nvm, I got mixed up, I purchased the 2nd one on Google playstore, the first one is free already

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, maybe it’s just my phone being glitchy tho and not the app, idk xD

That is super weird. Testing it on the web, I can’t repro the bug.

I don’t have an Android device, so I can’t test it myself. But maybe @abbytrevor can?

I don’t repro on Android so far. @Marcus, you’re just making the choices you listed and then restarting the game, and your stats are staying from the previous playthrough?

Huh, I tried it and indeed it works, what a weird bug

Weirdly enough when I close and reopen the app then restart the money goes back to 500 (which is the default value). Almost seems like the app is restoring the variable from RAM instead of resetting to the default value

Well, I’d say you should both just join the beta anyway. There’s lots of bugfixes and new content in it.

Yeah, I’m just making the choices I listed and then restarting the game and my stats are staying from the previous play-through and so it just gets added.

If it helps, I don’t have the unlimited version which gets rid of the ads but I did just reinstall the game to see if that does anything but I was able to reproduce the bug consistently.

I’ll add some screenshots I took:

Just tested it with a different path of choices and then a random one to see if I keep the income and wealth and this is the results.

The choices I took for this one were:

  • He is the one that is pinned
  • I rush to his rescue!
  • Fernando de VIllanueva e Itamaraca
  • Bowed in greeting
  • A task for which he needed my unique talents
  • An ordained priest of the Catholic Church
  • Spanish