"Pon Para and the Unconquerable Scorpion"—Raise an army to save reality itself!

According to Moochava, the only combo that’s a no-go is Col+Clan.

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I have a patch for PP1 and PP2, but I don’t want to push it live until it’s received some testing.

Is anyone interested in playing both games and trying to get the tablets/interact with the Condors and see if it works?


I can do it

I’m a bit confused. My character and the emperess zorzia shared miltiple kisses in the bedroom before the morning meeting in the street yet i did not unlock The Favored of Shalmek: Romance the empress achievement. Is it because I’m already dating hyranni and clannath or is this a bug?

Hello. One quick question: when this next patch comes, will you announce it here? I’m playing site version so kinda afraid to miss it’s release.