"Pon Para and the Unconquerable Scorpion"—Raise an army to save reality itself!

We’re proud to announce that Pon Para and the Unconquerable Scorpion, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, Android, and on iOS in the “Choice of Games” app. It’s 40% off until December 23rd!

Chosen by the gods, betrayed by your king, you must stop the Scorpion!

Pon Para and the Unconquerable Scorpion is a 742,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Kyle Marquis, and the sequel to Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth. Your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

The philosopher witch Teijia has unleashed a new weapon: a scorpion-god whose venom poisons the very foundations of reality! As the edges of the world disintegrate, the nomadic Stormraiders make one final, desperate push to defeat the Three Nations and carve out their own kingdom.

This time you’ll need more than the sign of your god and a few friends: to end the war and save the world from destruction, you’ll need an army! Establish yourself as a warlord, crime boss, or divine leader and cross oceans and deserts to find a weapon that can stop the Unconquerable Scorpion!

Old Friends and Enemies Return. Once again find friendship, enmity, or romance with Melaxu the nymph philosopher and Tamur the Desert Empire spy. But beware: the Stormraiders Galimar and Gisla are back too. And what will your own rulers, King Hyras and the Desert Empress, demand of you this time?

New Heroes, New Threats. Recruit Col the satyr general and his young ward Clannath, a crow-woman cursed by the God of Rage. Claim territory across two nations and scheme to protect your followers. But beware the ambitions of the dark priests…and of the priests of Heaven, who still consider you a heretic and enemy of the gods!

The End of Philosophy? Even as King Hyras and Lord Vankred square off to end the Stormraider War, the witch Teijia unleashes her ultimate weapon: the Emissary Beast Magdala, the Unconquerable Scorpion, whose venom can destroy the engines that maintain the World That Remains. What can stop a creature forged by the gods to be unstoppable?

Return to the World That Remains. Make yourself at home!

• Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, bi, or ace
• Defeat enemies with sword and spell, or make allies with diplomacy, deception, and the miracles of your god
• Unleash new companions and train them in alchemy, infiltration, diplomacy, or the arts of war
• Explore ancient cities, savage wastelands, and the glittering, deadly palace of the Desert Empress
• Find friendship, romance, or rivalry with nymphs and satyrs, thieves and monarchs, dark warriors or holy sages
• Bring peace to warring nations—or drive them to destruction for your own ends
• Forge an army strong enough to stop Magdala, the Unconquerable Scorpion

We hope you enjoy playing Pon Para and the Unconquerable Scorpion. We encourage you to tell your friends about it, and recommend the game on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other sites. Don’t forget: our initial download rate determines our ranking on the App Store. The more times you download in the first week, the better our games will rank.


Massive congratulations @Moochava! What a nice treat to round off the year!


Christmas already? But it’s still the 16th!

EDIT: Bugs/errors to be emailed to support@choiceofgames.com?

Anyway, here are a couple more, because I need to save the screenshots of them SOMEWHERE:

I’m pretty sure one of those two lines (I suspect the first) isn’t spoken by Col, but by Melaxu:

Gisla should not, in fact, have the Emerald Tablet here (or anywhere else), because what I gave her last game was Mel’s translation. Why are Tablets never where they’re supposed to be?


Merry Yunemas, everyone! Also, the guy on the cover swinging the ax, is that Tamur? And is the ax Raun?


I imagine that this thread will be checked, but best to send the screenshots to the support email address, just so they don’t get missed and can be checked against other reports!


I’m pretty sure that’s Clannath, one of the new companions.


Can’t wait for this to be available on Amazon app store I’ve eagerly awaited it.

:scorpion: :axe: :partying_face:


Thank you, @Moochava, for writing this wonderful epic story and congrats on releasing this next installment during such a tough year.


Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic response! I especially want to thank my editors and playtesters, who helped hammer my code into something approaching usability. I hope everyone has fun in the World That Remains and doesn’t get eaten by anything too terrible.

And, aha, what’s that? The gentle tinkle of a bell tells me the first bug reports have arrived, so it’s time I got to work.


Considering PP1 and what some of those bug reports are (and I know what they are, because at least some of them are mine), I suggest any further scavenger hunts you write be about collecting teddy bears or something, because obviously tablets will just not stay put. Ever.


Now I’m picturing greased up, incredibly fragile tablets you have to somehow get through an obstacle course of increasingly absurd scenarios, a la Jolly Good’s punch bowl.


@Moochava @jasonstevanhill i found a bug!!
bug hyras

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At least it isn’t a tablet bug. :laughing:

On the other hand, I see Hyras continues to screw up everything.


Nice, Congratulations on the release @Moochava


@JBento saw your remarks about the son and moon war. While the exact method isn’t described, I believe during the conversation with Teijia in the laberinth one of the response get her to reveal that she turned Melaxu’s parents against eachother. I suspect the golden elixer was involved, as well as bribing members of both sides with philosophical knowledge.


There’s certainly a hint of Mel’s parents literally not being able to control themselves, so the golden elixir is definitely a possibility.

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That’s because you’ve modded your stats.


finishes first playthrough
You know what? Enough. I’ve had it.

Urmish wants to usurp the throne at Mytele? Fair enough, fair enough.

He wants to upend the divine hierarchy? Fine, the gods have proven more trouble than they’re worth anyway.

He’s subjecting me to a sham trial? Standard evil vizier tactic, and he sucks at it anyway, so whatever.

He wants to execute me? No hard feelings, we’re all professionals here.

But after the SS C***blocker thunefar in PP1, Laikan kidnapping me when I’m looking for my snarky nymph for FINALLY the first sexy funtimes over the two games is where I draw the goddamn line!
I’m going to murder everyone who even CONSIDERED joining the Flame Temple, and I’m going to make sure it’s extra painful!


I liked it a lot! There was a bug or two but overall it was a pretty smooth release.

Though question for those who have read it, what are y’alls opionons on Galimar as an RO?

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