"Pon Para and the Unconquerable Scorpion"—Raise an army to save reality itself!

I feel and understand your pain immensely, but it is nice to actually make our asshole priest-king look like an idiot by ruining his sham trial.


congratulations @Moochava! I just finished my first run through the game, I have to say. I enjoyed it so much.


Does anyone have guide for pon para series?

I was never going to romance Galimar in any case, but I was cool with him going to war with the Three Kingdoms, because he had valid reasons for it. That ends the exact moment he picks up Raun and decides mindrape and slavery are the way to go.

@Thecriticofinnocence I have 5 Bearing and 4 Diplomat, that thing was never going to go any other way. I particularly love the “You may be outnumbered and outfavoured, but there’s one thing that has always been true ever since you were a child: nobody likes Urmish.” line.


To be fair to galimar, he outright killed an ally over burning knowledge he was only slightly interested in. With the entire reason for this war being settling his people and building them a civilation like the ones he read about from scrolls in the stormraider library ship, it’s destruction is essentially just short of the death blow to all his dreams and aspirations. He’s clearly sinking into some kind of depression, and I doubt he’ll cling to Raun, or life for that matter, once teijia is delt with and his people properly settled.


Boy, I couldn’t wait for this to be released! The first Pon Para was probably my favourite CoG game ever, and this installment is even better than the first!

Galimar’s behaviour changes vastly if you obtain an alliance with the Stormriders (whether you romanced him or not): he uses his new position as a sorta ally of the government to push some of his people in good positions in Shalmek, and the use he makes of Raun’s power is mostly to tame his ghosts. He does want to use Raun on a group of trolls at some point, but he leaves the final say on the matter to you. It makes sense, since the alliance has put him and the Stormraiders still loyal to him in a very promising position, so he’s far more hopeful about their situation and less likely to resort to war crimes.

Speaking of romance, it’s an Enemy to We don’t have to be enemies to Maybe even more than that; basically mutual respect and (limited, considering the circumstances) trust that can lead to something more should you be inclined. Personally I am satisfied with it, the transition in my opinion is handled rather well and, on a far less serious note, him and my MC got to smooch and go on a date, what more do I want.


I ran into a gamebreaking bug where I tried to send a letter to Hyras, but there were no options, so the game can’t progress. I sent it in as a bug report, but does anyone know whether it’s possible to go back a choice somehow, or if I need to reset? If I need to reset, does anyone know what triggers that bug, so I can avoid till it’s fixed?

If anyone has any tips on romancing Galimar I’d be very grateful, I’ve been unsuccessful in every play through so far! I think my relationship isn’t high enough but I can’t figure out how to raise it any more. I’ve allied with the Stormraiders, I go hang out with him before we set off, etc., but when I try to do anything explicitly romantic like kissing him he literally dodges me.


'Aight, let me help.

You do need a high relationship, the threshold is 60 (which means that your relationship has to be at least 61). As to how gain it…I don’t know if it counts as a spoiler but I’m blurring it just in case.

Riqqi is your (probably unwilling) best wingdiv here: try to get an alliance with the Street of the Asp (a truce is also fine, but of course gets you less relationship points), get her caught in the chapter 8 party so you can later rescue her (though I believe that you can rescue unnamed “crooks” to get the same results if you can’t catch her) and successfully help her stealing Gisla’s staff (the more you are successful, the better). Other ways to gain relationship are sending Zoriza to check on Galimar during the battle of Behemoth Mountain, leaving in the Street of the Banana sellers the maximum amount possible of troops and helping organize logistical matters with him and Melaxu.

There are a few extra spots where you can gain relationship, but they are literally impossible to get if you started the romance in chapter 4, so I won’t bother listing them.


If you start a new game instead of using your saved data from the previous game the stats page is missing your codex info and you can’t check your relationship status / soldiers loyalty, wealth, etc. Is this intentional or a bug?

I am starting the game at a (what I’m assuming) 30 approval rating from my imported save, any ideas if that can be increased in book 1 or if that 30 is just static number for everyone?

I have replayed a few times and still haven’t gotten my smoother :frowning: I get to like 55~Ish


Made a new character from book 1, managed to get his approval rating at exactly 60, he still dodged me :frowning:


If it helps, I just checked a bunch of my PP1 saves and they all give me 30 Stormraider relations. So either I was REALLY consistent, or 30 is what you get.

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You do start at 30 no matter what, yes (the only difference is that stabbing Galimar in the back while stuck with him in the Greater Southern Labyrinth will make romancing him nearly impossible, but it doesn’t affect the value itself). It’s also rather hard to get the value up, since you get fewer opportunities to rise it compared to other ROs/factions, so I’d advise to take every opportunity you get if you want to go that way. Check the guide I posted earlier, it should help!

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My favorite line in the game so far, when she meets your romantic interest


Congratulations on the release! I’ve waited for PP2 ever since PP1 came out. And was very eager to try out romancing Galimar cause yk, we love some enemies to lovers troop ahem. It was done BEAUTIFULLY and his reaction to everything new he sees is just adorable, so much in contrast to his warlord persona, i love him. Aside from that i really enjoyed the story as a whole. It’s far more political than the previous one but that makes it even more intriguing. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful year-end gift. Looking forward to the release of PP3.


When does this happen? I was dating Mel and Clan, and I don’t think they ever meet. Mum also doesn’t answer my letter.

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Do you remember what your approval rating was by that time? And perhaps what you did?

I’m on 9 attempts and finally got it to 60 after making a new character starting from book one following the above guide and he still dodged me.

The bad news is that it fails because you’re 1% short of the necessary value, the good news is that it’s only 1%!
Speaking by experience you might be able to get a slightly higher value even by just

changing the companion you bring to the Sunset House, since you can potentially get a crapton of points by stealing Gisla’s staff (which also means that you don’t have to get caught before this point by Laikan/Vaspet/Sulen, or you miss this opportunity). Of course, it depends a lot by your stats and what you trained your companions into, but in general…First option, you can pick the lock. Grace and burglar; the sign of Amri, the keys of Selt, Tamur’s technology training or Melaxu’s movement training give bonuses. Second option, you can brace the rope. Might and athletics; the sign of Faraam, Clannath’s flying and, again, Melaxu’s movement training give bonuses.

Let me know if this works!


I see a lot of Galimar fans in this thread. Does anyone know how to take the Dark Ax from him? I see that it’s possible in the code, but I haven’t been able to accomplish it while actually playing.

I remember one attempt where I brought Clannath…cause that would make sense, right? Lol but it didn’t help. I’ll give it another shot though! Ty!