"Pon Para and the Unconquerable Scorpion"—Raise an army to save reality itself!

Damn, they could probably use one


I wonder what kind of educational background that requires. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Just got the steam update, excited for the release of the last book :grin:

Is Saving possible yet?

No. The third book doesn’t even have a release date yet, and the author is working on something else at the moment.

very late but it let me save :person_shrugging:


@Moochava Just finished another playthrough of Unconquerable Scorpion and it got me thinking. Considering the trajectory of the story at the end of this installment, is it still reasonable to try and pursue rulership over the Sea Kingdom or the Northern Forest? Since a lot of God of Knots will presumably focus on the coming apocalypse and the metaphysics of the setting, will there be any time to (potentially) pursue this goal?


I only finished the first chapter of God of Knots before I got the go-ahead for my Werewolf: The Apocalypse game, but the opening is heavily invested in the Sea Kingdom, especially the power struggle in the capital city of Mytele (either a ruined and almost post-apocalyptic Mytele or a thriving but still politically unstable one, depending on how things turn out at the end of the first game). Political control or rulership is definitely going to be an available option.


Very good book congrats to the author


Late Pon Para nostalgia just hits hard🥲. When is God Of Knots coming out?


I hope the trilogy gets adapted into a faithful movie trilogy in the future. But i doubt it. They will screw up somewhere.


Asking about release dates is frowned upon on this forum. If it’s not listed in the pinned “Upcoming Releases” post, it’s safe to assume it won’t be any time soon. The author is busy with another project at the moment, but fortunately he works quickly. :slight_smile:


YES! Power-hungry warlord route, here I go!

Seriously thought, there is no way I am leaving the throne of the Sea Kingdom to anyone but me. Their originial monarchs are a bane upon this earth.


I just tried this series and damn, it is actually amazing. I’m a little sad I can’t really try a “go against gods” route from all my attempted actions in the first game but hopefully this one has some more options. Can’t believe it’s so massive. Grabbing it later today!


Iam trying to load my saves but this ia showing up. I have tried multiple saves. I. Made ab account because i am having this problem this is showing.

‘Alert visited this line too many times’ and then some number.

Help please cog

Write to support@choiceofgames.com


Does anyone know how to romance the nymph and the princess? When they talk about a relationship between all 3 of us the princess will walk out. How do I fix it please and thank you

I’m wondering if my stats are incompatible to begin with when I import my save. The highest I got was 60, and I don’t remember how I got it. :smiling_face_with_tear:

These are my stats when I import from game 1:


EDIT: So I went back and remade my character, still a priestess of Amiria, but I focused on adding Burglary skills (up to 2). The reason I wasn’t making it past 60 for Galimar was I was having trouble stealing Gisla’s staff. I made sure to take Melaxu with me to meet up with the Stormraiders. I realized that bringing a specific companion for that scene made a big difference since that’s also the scene where you get to steal Gisla’s staff. So I made sure to use my Burglary skills (2) and using the symbol of Amiria to help lockpick and secure the staff without any problems. After all that, I made it out with 69 points with Galimar!!


No date yet but the werewolf game it was put on hold for was supposed to release soon, so work on it should be resuming?

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First, I’d like to ask what is the connection with Tower Behind the Moon?
And then my only complaint, that if I go for the Melaxu-Hyranni poli, the princess seems to get more action with my nymph lol