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RO Catergory:

Do you prefer slow-burn RO’s or “down-to-smash-now” RO’s?

  • Slow burn all the way baby.
  • Down to smash RO’s for me.
  • It depends on my mood, but mostly slow burn.
  • It depends on my mood, but mostly quick RO’s.
  • I like a balance of both so I have more options.
  • (Other Opinion)

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What is the most important thing when it comes to an RO for you?

  • The physical descriptions, I have a specific type of RO visualized.
  • The writing, I like to get to know the RO or feel something for them.
  • Plot circumstance, Basically whichever RO fits my MC in the story the best.
  • Whoever is the most powerful. Gotta get that $$$ from Daddy/Mommy, amirite?
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Do limited RO’s mean better “quality” in your experience?

  • Yes, out of all the CYOA’s I played. The less RO’s, the better the characters.
  • No, out of all the CYOA’s I played. The more RO’s, the better the characters.
  • I haven’t noticed a difference in quality.
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Which genre works the best for you?

  • Action, Adventure, The classic with your cast of characters who journey with you and stuff.
  • Mystery, Horror, You know, the usual detective stuff. It’s fun.
  • Sim/Management, Limited amount of money, expanding as the story progresses and etc. Think Choice of Rebels.
  • Power fantasy, I like being the chosen one, collecting powers and forging a harem along the way.
  • Not a specific category. More like a mix of some listed above.
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Short stories, Long stories, non-cohesive stories?

  • Short and sweet all the way.
  • Longer the better, more gameplay.
  • Duologies, Trilogies, Quad…gies?
  • A collection of stories within a CYOA is my forte. (Lost in pages)
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Past, Present, or Future?

  • Past
  • Present
  • Future
  • Alternate Reality

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Author’s Intent

Is realism important in CYOAs?

  • Yes, it is. It’s my preference for stories to be as realistic as they possible in social issues, plot, and regarding any added fantasy like magic.
  • No, it is not. The others can bend the rules as much as they can, social issues need not addressed, plot doesn’t need to be explained in a way that makes sense, magic need not be treated like it’s out the norm.
  • It heavily depends on the story, and what it calls for, because realistic or unrealistic styles can make or break for me.
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How do you feel about the author catering more to their comfort zone than anyone else?

  • It is the Author’s story. They should have full control over how they want to tell it, and what they want to include and what not.
  • It is the Author’s story, But I feel they should reach out their comfort zone and cater to audiences they are not familiar with when they can.
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Should CYOA’s with mature content be excluded from COG/HG (even if the Author treats it with extreme care)?

  • I think they should for possible trigger warnings, or for the inappropriate references, and etc.
  • I think they shouldn’t be treated any differently from PG games, mature content occurs in day to day life, and etc.
  • I personally think they should have their own sections, and not be included with COG/HG.
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…I couldn’t think of anything else, if I do I’ll post it here from now on.


Are there too many polls now?

  • Yes
  • Also yes
  • Pie

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Oh noes, there was a “pie” option … I clicked “yes” to fast.


Gluten-free please, otherwise pie is poison for me. :sweat_smile:


God, I love polls. Voting on polls is so fun and so satisfying to me for some reason. Thank you, @TrashyLollipops.


I love polls too, very satisfying indeed! And such a great source of info for the community we are writing for


Mixture of both for this one. Wayhaven, for example, I like romancing N or F because of the faster intimacy (closeness, cuddles, etc.) rather than any physical aspects of the relationship.

Theoretically, maybe. More characters means more coding, more romance options mean more coding etc. and a bigger workload may mean that the author makes compromises.

Is this always the case? Absolutely not! :slight_smile:

Definitely a mix. Sometimes I just want high fantasy, other times urban fantasy, and sometimes I want an interesting twist to an established genre (shout out to the WiP where werewolves, vampires, ghost, etc. are actually aliens!).

Depends on the story.

Intense stories, I feel, probably should be longer i.e. covering a revolution since that’s a big undertaking.

Others, like The Grim and I, felt absolutely perfect at that length (155,000 words btw) since the premise was smaller and more personal and if it dragged on it could’ve lessoned the experience.

And I admit I cried when I finished that game. It was awesome!

Depends on the premise/genre of the story most of the time.

It’s important within the context of the story - like if you say that genies only grant three wishes, stick to it! - , but making it realistic shouldn’t be the priority over making a good story.


Y’all welcome, I always be upside down with things coming to mind that I need to ask, but then I forget if I don’t put it down… :disappointed_relieved:


Can I have more sex first, love later ros? Or casual hook ups?

I usually go for who seems the most fun, with a secondary focus on looks. I generally exclude long haired people.

I usually treat them like a stat.



Fantasy? So whenever?

If the author says it is. I mean how many people made Skyrim mods to make it more difficult and tedious citing realism, or just RDR2?

Of course they should! It’s theirs.

Nope, but that depends on the publisher ideals now.


Personally I think all COG and HG should have content ratings. COG could follow general guidelines for games, or just make up their own. Trigger warnings & sexual content should be specified.

Honestly, I can’t see how excluding them entirely would be smart. It’s alienating an entire audience of people who would enjoy/prefer more mature stories.