Boolean Personalities v. Variable Personalities

While “researching” other CoG games, I noticed there were two ways authors are keeping track of the player character’s personalities with their stats: Boolean and Variable. Yes, I know that a Boolean is a variable. It was just easier to conceptualize it this way for me.

Boolean Personalities. Essentially personality traits that are limited, like true or false Booleans. This is where players can specifically select ways that their character can behave. It can be found in Tin Star and Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights.

Variable Personalities. The more familiar way many works in progress projects are developed. These are the standard opposed pairs, percentage, and numeric counted ways that a personality is measured. Think about works like The Wayhaven Chronicles or The One Chosen.

They have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Some projects mixed together the two in spectacular fashion. I’d like to know what the folks at home would prefer and if they have a reason for that preference.

  • This does not take into account specific ways that variables are used to calculate the consequences of a player’s actions, such as wounds or stress.
  • This is specifically talking about “personality stats” quantifiable by variables, not preset personalities of a character.
  • This is meant for general purpose questioning, not specific ways that the author may manipulate or use those stats (e.g. personality-based checks).
  • And to cover my basis of perhaps treading old territory:
Personality Choice Preference
  • Boolean personalities, static. Allow the player to choose personality traits and lock those choices in.
  • Boolean personalities, evolving. Allow the player to choose personality traits and allow for those traits to change at points.
  • Variable personalities, offset. Allow the player to have baseline personality stats that can be molded throughout the story.
  • Variable personalities, blank. Allow the player full agency to sway, warble, and change the personality that start at a zero-value.
  • Neither, no stats. Allow the player full agency to make choices with no stats to keep track of.
  • Other. Unlisted or more specific.

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