[Poll] How many people watch anime?

  • I watch quite a bit of it
  • I’ve watched the most popular ones (ie. Bleach or Naruto) but nothing really past that
  • Never watched it before
  • Never heard of it
  • Never watched and don’t intend on it

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I’m kinda curious for multiple reasons, one being a project I may or may not start and the other being general curiosity.

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Where is the “I watch it every day” option?
(No seriously.)
I’ll just pick the quite a bit option


Ahah, I didn’t put it because I usually go with the mentality heavy watchers of anime are kind of a very small percentage (can confirm, also watch an unhealthy amount of anime on a daily basis). So I was just like “Naaahhh I won’t put it”. I guess I should have in the end, eh? :sweat_smile:

I watch quite a lot of it, but at the same time I’m completely out of the circle when it comes to the more popular ones.
Mahou Shoujos are particularly fun to watch.

Same here, truth be told. I watched a bit of Bleach and Naruto when I was younger, but that’s about it for the big ones. I do watch the semi-popular ones (like Tokyo Ghoul/Death Note/Soul Eater) though.

Have you happened to see Puella Magi yet? I’m a giant fan of it and curious if you’ve seen it as well, since you mentioned Mahou Shoujos.

None of the above. I watch anime once in awhile, but never liked shows like Bleach or Naruto. I like good characters, good storytelling, but am bored by fight scenes. My favorites are either comedy (like Excel Saga), slice of life shows (like Azumanga Daioh), or really beautiful and surreal shows (like Arrakawa: Under the Bridge or the -Monogatari series.) When I was a teenager and first getting into anime, I liked Sorcerer Hunters and Those Who Hunt Elves.

I’m also a fan of American animation, if it’s clever. I don’t usually watch kids’ cartoons, but recently marathon-watched all of Gravity Falls in about two days.


Ahh I just went general with everything. I shoulda added more options!

Sorry bout that guys, though it’s nice to see a lot of people watch anime.

Ermh, yeah…
See, I was a fan of Magical Girls way before Madoka. I watch it and did find it enjoyable but at the same time I created some prejudice against it because the new fans would hate on everything that came before and after it… So I don’t know exactly where I stand in relation to it :dog:

Hardcore horror anime and manga fan here. Anybody ever watched MONSTER?

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slowly raises hand I have. You name it 9/10 says I’ve both read and watched it.

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You look like a cool person. I lost a bit of interest in anime a bit after I noticed the romance patern are alway the same. Since you seem to know a lot of anime do you have any romanceless anime to suggest?

Log horizon?
Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?
Have you watched these? (Curious)

I hear ya’ on the romance thing. I’ve been slowing up on the recent anime seasons due to it. And I guess it depends. There are few with no legit romances going on, maybe a bit of ship teasing, but nobody is snogging yet. Gintama (mostly, it’s great comedy), Psycho-Pass, Shiki (technically? It’s from multiple people’s point of views) are a few I can think off the top of my head. I have to go find my list to give ya’ the full run down ahahaa…

Yup, Yup (as seen with my icon, though it’s a Hatoful Boyfriend version of it) and an episode or two of Dungeon. Dungeon really just reminds me of SAO with more jigglies. And I’m still confused as to what Hestia’s ribbon holds up.

I just enjoy seeing how ridiculously OP the main character can be sometimes.
(Yea cause a low tier adventurer kid can one shot dragons)

Never really watched it that much. Watched Corpse Party and a bit of Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online. Still need to finish those.


It really wouldn’t be anime without absurd boobs.

I didn’t watch more than five episodes of Sword Art Online before I quit. This is because I watched the abridged series around the same time and I couldn’t stop thinking how much better the actual show would be if Kirito was an asshole gamer instead of a boring hero guy.

Incidentally, can anyone recommend an anime where the protagonist is a giant dickbag?

Im not sure if I’ve ever watched the closest to seeing a anime protagonist being a douche was when he buried a girl alive because she was hiding because of some trauma. (Does that count he was doing it because he is both A. A fouche and B. He isa douche that cares)

Same as Sashira for me. I haven’t seen popular ones but will watch from time to time.

There might be a few people here who have seen more than me, like faewkless, but the list of anime I’ve seen is almost six pages worth of lines. I’ve forgotten more that I’ve watched than most people have seen (for real).