Playing CoG books With ChatGPT.

So I recently watched a YouTube series where a guy had ChatGPT play Detroit: Become Human, and I thought, hey, that would probably work for CoG.

For anyone else interested in doing this on their own games, what I do is explain that it is playing a game, tell it the stats that will affect the gameplay, let it know it can ask me for its current stats, and then copy-paste the description for the book.

I then copy-paste whatever the book says, and when it gets to a choice, I say:

Your choices:
1: Option 1
2: Option 2
3: Option 3

Finally, at the end of each chapter, I’m giving it updates on its current updates.

I’m starting it off with Life of a Space Force Captain. I just finished chapter 2, and it’s interesting to see not only its choices, but it usually tells you what it’s thinking while choosing it.

It has made a few choices that surprised me. For instance, it decided to be human rather than synth, which is part of why I started with this book.

Anyway, I’ll keep posting updates as I continue through the book. I also plan on having it play Choice of Robots and The Lost Heir in the future.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Ai dungeon or novelai might be better for this type of thing.

AI like that doesn’t work by ‘thinking’- it is incapable of anything resembling ‘thought’, nor was it designed to ‘think’. It produces an output based on previous data and current data. It can make a good approximation of what a thought process might look like, but it’s basically just choosing the option that is most like the data it’s been previously fed, not making any considerations.


I’m a bit confused about what’s interesting about doing this rather than actually playing the game - isn’t this more effort for lower quality? Or I may have misunderstood - I originally read this as you giving the LLM a prompt to which it outputted text. Is it that you instruct the LLM to pick an option? In which case surely that’s the same as running RandomTest and reading the output?


The art of doing random stuff, without doing random stuff.

I’m not simply giving it the options. I’m making sure it knows what’s going on in the story as well as keeping it aware of its current stats. Admittedly, I have yet to get to the point where it’s choices will matter, but that’s the whole point of my experiment. Can a chat AI understand its abilities? Who it can rely on? Will it choose to fall in love? AI has always fascinated me, so I’m interested in seeing how far this one has developed.

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I watched the same YouTube video series :grin:. I started playing Mage Reborn on Dashingdon the same way. I wrote a JavaScript script to scrap the text from the page and the options and format it in a way friendly to ChatGPT. I didn’t feed it any stats though, ChatGPT can’t do math anyway and I wanted it to focus on the story aspect and not the game.

@HannahPS, the interesting part is reading the " thought process" behind the choice. You can also ask the AI to criticize the available options and suggest more. That’s like having an AI beta reader.

@bertilak, sure, by now everyone knows what an AI is and what it isn’t, it’s still interesting to see what’s the statistically more probable answer. Even if it’s somewhat random you can still draw insight from it. It’s like reading a tarot card, it has only as much value as you yourself give it.

I personally did that purely for amusement’s sake and I was also surprised by some choices, not in the sense that I was surprised by how the AI “thinks”, but that it made really good arguments to defend its choice. And some actually gave me food for thought.