Planning to Make A game

Do you think I should add anything

Ummm, it seems like you should finish planning before you start writing. Since I don’t know the full story there isn’t really anything I could add.

Question i could be bad and selfish? because story seem cool. But too much goody hero focused and a anger girl could be dangerous . Also there would be any opportunity of joining the bad aliens? or treason the friendly ones? The story seem really cool and with many mischievous opportunities. I would looking foward your work.

@MaraJade Why does everything have to be evil with you? Why don’t you ever want to be good? Just wondering. I play through games multiple times as good, bad, and whatever I want.

I play some play as goody too. But its terribly boring. I follow neutral alignment too.
But the question is offensive. You don’t ask to people only play as good why play as good only?

These are games so Im free to release my stress finding ways to charm, poison or treasonIts not real, i already have enough stress in real life trying to be a good person.To have maintain same morality in games. Think in shooters are you shooting random people in street because you see your character doing?

Also there is a childhood trauma about a fallen paladin in D&D but i already tell the story in other threat. Also someone has to defend evil paths, 90% people feel embarrassed to recognise enjoy a machiavelian plot well written.

I know, I read the paladin story, and I didn’t mean to offend you. But what I mean is, that in some games being evil just doesn’t work, what reason would you have for betraying the humans that you’ve lived on a ship for 10 years with?

Insanity there are several behavior in people jailed in ships long time. NASA even try gather volunteers to be jailed in a small area simulating a suttle. In several months crew enter in collapse. There is the syndrome of the errant sailor. Also many films treat the problem like Even Horizont… Or do you see Big brother?

Also all your life your planet is gone, and you are with nine people and only one suitable partner wandering hopeless. That could make people selfish and able to treason in exchange a new life. Just saying. The idea of a small ship ten years and all going smoothly without fights violence and fights for power seem incredible, and a waste of great storyline.

Yeah, but these humans have to work together- forget it, I’m done arguing, you’re right I’m wrong, happy?

Its not a arguing. You start pointing at me why you play that way? don’t have sense!"

If you are in bad mood don’t release your anger with people and play a game like a bad person. Its good to release stress.

I’m not in a bad mood, but this is beginning to put me in one, that’s why I’m ending it.

@The_Ravenclaw I think you are missing the underlying point @MaraJade’s is trying to make; she seems to favor more option and choices and more pathways in the storyline. You also have to remember people are strange beings, when a group of people (strangers non-the-less) sociology and a hierarchy are bound to be formed.

So for instance she could try and manipulate people (the leader more likely if she sees an advantage to be gained and lead through the shadows so to speak), and control/lead through proxy.

About her liking her leaning towards favoring a villain(ess) it is a nice and safe way to relieve stress, we can not be shining happy people all the time, now can we?

In my opinion the more options allowed to a player gives them tools to help define their character and making the story more engaging in the long run. This would also bring in a deeper depth to the world and characters(npc) in general.

MaraJade I understand your point I to like to play as the bad guy aswell mainly most of the time, it might be really hard to create an opportunity for your character to become bad but I can see what I can do, maybe if you get captured and you other your help to the aliens to tray me find a way into harvesting more food but I will see what I can do

Anything you would like in the game don’t be afraid to let me know ill see what I can do :~)

Cool; but with manipulative scenes could be enough. For instance i want to go date with the only other sex teen available well i could damage my rival reputation. I could make people give me things becoming a political to any future in a colony became the great leader. There are tons of ways to do it. I trust in your capacity.

Ahh okay yes I have thought of something, and yes I will make it that there is romance sciences aswell- it always nice to have a bit of romance

It seems to me that coexsistances with such an agressive race would be nearly impossible unless the mc were to negotiate from a position of such extreme strength that the kimer would tremble with fear at the mention of his/her name and bear great respect for his/her leadership abilities. Will near genocide be an option?

Yes, but be careful they don’t backdown easy ;~) make sure you know what your doing

everyone has a breaking point… well except the black knight

Haha, these don’t have many

Is the name for the game okay

Please make any suggestions