Pine's Peak: A Supernatural Murder Mystery Set in an Idyllic Medieval Village (WIP)

About Me
Here’s the deal. I’ve recently fallen in love with Interactive Fiction, and I’ve decided to try my hand at it. I’ve been working non-stop for the past couple of days and have come up with a workable demo including a prologue and the first chapter.

About The Game
My game is called Pine’s Peak, and it’s a supernatural murder mystery set in an idyllic medieval village. Unlike most cyoa games, Pine’s Peak is written in first person. (This is currently experimental and open to feedback) You play as Kriou, an 18 year old guy who grew up in Pine’s Peak, a small mountain town, which is the largest exporter of fruit in the small kingdom of Irosha. You will get to choose Kriou’s profession in the prologue, becoming either a soldier, a huntsman, or an alchemist, as well as his hobby, which will determine your starting stats and a large part of your story.

From there, you will take Kriou on an epic adventure to solve the murder of Lucinda, the miller’s daughter. On your quest you will forge relationships with the villagers of Pine’s Peak as well as establish Kriou’s personality, both of which will have a large effect on the late game.

Without further ado, here’s the link: Pine’s Peak Demo

If you like my work here, be sure and also check out my Patreon for more of my works. Pine’s Peak is the only interactive fiction piece I’m currently working on, but, if you like fiction in general, it’s definitely worth a stop. I’d greatly appreciate it if you became a patron, but, if not, there’s lots of free content on there so check it out anyways.

I look forward to reading your feedback on Pine’s Peak
Please tell me what you think of the story so far, which path you took, and if you encounter any bugs or awkward jumps.


Very interesting idea. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this. Will you have stat checks for different options?

From the title and the summary, i immediately thought of Wayward Pines the TV show from Fox. Anyway, i’d just like to input that maybe you can also make a Female MC? Not that a gender-locked guy is a problem for me personally, but i’d love to be able to play as a badass woman in this game. So far the plot is good and the story is coming along nicely, so keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Can we form relationships with creatures and become one


Absolutely. In fact stats will heavily influence the story paths available to you especially in the investigation stage, as well as determine if you survive some choices.


Ya that’s definitely still on the table. My only worry is that the PC will come across as male due to me originally writing it that way. Do you think the current story would work with a female PC if I changed pronouns and the like? I have very little experience writing female characters, though I promise they will be in the next chapter. I’m aware the first chapter was male dominated.

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I won’t say too much to avoid spoilers, but yes to relationships, and possibly to becoming one.

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I think just changing the pronouns will be a good start. Also that’s what we’re here for! If you’re worried about the MC coming across as too masculine, then ask that the betas keep an eye out for that. :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely keep it in mind. Not sure if I’m going to implement it just yet, but if enough people ask for the feature, I’ll probably add it.

Hey, this looks great and I really like the way you implemented the stats. The story also sounds amazing from what I’ve seen from it right now. One thing I think you should change, however, is making the sentences less rough. For example, “good job buttercup.” would work better, IMO, as “good job, buttercup!” It sounds more natural and human while also adding more personality to the text. That’s all just my opinion though and I absolutely love what you already have so feel free to take this with a grain of salt, lol.

Thanks so much for the feedback! Ya i agree that reads better. I’m glad you like it. I had a lot of fun writing Cromwell with his gruff attitude.

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I am really liking this so far i was a bit against being stuck with a named MC but this is really great can’t wait to see more of this.


Thanks Andrew! Would you mind sharing what path you went down? I understand some people are against a named main character with some set traits, but I feel like letting the author make some decisions about who the main character is allows me to set the character more firmly into the world of the novel as opposed to letting him/her be whoever.

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Smh, I was about to fight the porkie pig but then when I clicked “Draw my dagger.” The game gave me an error. RIP.

barpath1 line 91: increasing indent not allowed, expected 35 was 36

Thank you very much. I’ll get on that right away. It sounds like I accidentally pressed the space bar one too many times lol.

Alright I just went through it. It was an extra space as I assumed. Turned out there were several areas where I must have accidentally tapped space. Try it now. Should be fixed. Thanks again for letting me know about that. It’s incredibly helpful.

No problem! ^^
I usually just drop things like that and come back later hoping someone mentioned it, but this is fairly new and I like your writing lol.

Thanks! Always nice to be complimented. So were you able to finish your villain playthrough? How’d you like the ending?

Quite realistic actually, I didn’t expect Sal to join in. The toughness check was nice because I was hoping I didn’t need to make it my main path to pick it. After things escalated and MC ends up killing him, The surprise on all parties was something that felt real and how things can go from 0% and 100% real quick. And that people change when the time comes.

After being lynched I just pissed off porkie some, and then left. He ain’t even getting that tab filled. It was nice.

Edit: Annnnnnnd the spoiler text isn’t working. Probably a mobile thing.

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Haha very nice. Be careful though, angering the owner of the only tavern in town could have consequences. Where are you gonna get your alcohol? On the other hand villain playthroughs can be fun, and I do have something special planned for that. Choices choices.