Path of War

I’ve begun work on my new game Path of War. In it, you play the bastard son of the king and you must try to climb the ladder to become king.

Currently, I plan on updating every 1-2 weeks.

To play the demo, go here:


I, the Forgotten One? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So I the forgotten one is the only and or first game where you play as a bastard?


yeah, nobody else is allowed to use the concept of bastardy. didnt you read the fine print on page 60, line 14? It stated that Bacon has the sole legal right to use anything at all related to the main character being a bastard in a feudalistic society




So, I haven’t had time to really read anything yet, apologies for that. I will get to it. I did click through to get a quick feel for it though. It looks interesting, but I have 2 questions.

  1. is it supposed to start in medias res or is the first page a placeholder? It seems to begin a bit abruptly, to me. I refreshed in case it had started later than intended.

  2. What do you plan to do regarding interactivity? Right now, there are 0 choices in the story. That makes it hard for an IF community to really give constructive feedback - aside from on the writing itself (which I can do at a later date, when I have time and wherewithal to sit down and read properly). But it makes it hard to critique it on a basis of whether the story feels immersive or fills the various expectations of a Choicescript game/story. Do you intend to add choices later, and make an updated beta? Or is it meant as a linear story with preset characters.

Would be nice for a more descriptive foreqord in this thread, that way you might draw more people in and get more feedback. :slight_smile:

That’s the only commentary I can do at present moment, until I have time to read the actual story. But I’m commenting so I can come back to it as well. Always exciting to see new wips pop up :raised_hands:

When you say as the story develops, does that mean it will show up in a later update or will it only appear later in the story itself?

Like I mentioned, you won’t necessarily get as much traction in terms of readers and feedback before there’s more important choices available. But take your time, of course.

I’m not an IF author myself, so I don’t know how they tend to go about it - but one concern I’d have is that you might be looking at a lot of rewrites if you are telling the story linearly before adding choices and interactivity. Will your readers have the option to influence the core narrative, or is it going to be 1 storyline with flavour text interspersed?

I mostly ask because the stories I see get more critique sometimes do so because the reader feels like there’s an already established character & plot that they can’t really influence. But this is of course very individual - again I’m not published in any Choicescript so take this with a grain of salt. There are some very good games out there that were adapted from novels and established ideas that still manage to be amazingly interactive. There’s rarely any objectivity to writing techniques.

Either way keep doing the work of writing and keep us posted on the progress:) I will as mentioned have a proper look at your story once I have time, but after that I think I’d most likely wait for the more meaningful choices than the flavour text to read the update. Personally the appearance and such of the characters we play isn’t super important to me unless it gets to have an effect on the narrative itself (I.e. characters and narrator respond organically to it throughout the story.)

I hope my questions are helpful rather than annoying. If anything here feels detrimental to your progress then feel free to disregard it. I’m always impressed by any writer that goes for their passions, so kudos for doing the work and getting that word count. :clap:


is it supposed to be Patth of war instead of Path?

Most likely a typo

It’s good… well thought out, I’ve read through the first 3~4 pages… It’s more of a read than a playthrough.

I’m about 5000 words into the next update which will have more choices, albeit surface level. More important and impactful choices will come as the story develops.


Fixed the title of this thread. I hope no one minds. :slight_smile:


welp I’m excited for the next update​:bowing_man::bowing_man:

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The Unwanted Warrior…? :slightly_smiling_face:

Today (the latest is tomorrow) the new update is coming. 15k words and has choices as well as a new writing style.


There is no download. It’s a demo on dashingdon, the link is in the Thread description

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hii can u add save slots?

In dashingdon? Not sure, I know you can save, should be three slots, I usually dedicate one slot to one playthrough, and whenever I save I overwrite my previous one

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The new update is up.


Not for the foreseeable future I’m afraid. I’ll probably add it once I have a good base game


Cool concept. Always loved keep medieval kingdom stories. At current progress its a bit too short to form opinion around it so keep it up and good luck

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