Paired stat not displaying properly


Hi all,

My game at is having an issue with one of the paired stats, and I can’t figure it out. I have another paired stat that works fine.

It’s supposed to read Artifice - Honesty, but I’m just getting Artifice. I thought maybe the names were too long, but I’ve tried making them shorter as well, and it didn’t help.

	opposed_pair Manners
	opposed_pair Honesty

Any idea?

Thank you!


If you want Honesty shown on the other side you’ll need to add it after Artiface. The name after the opposed_pair command is the variable name. Note you should only have one variable for each opposed pair, the names displayed are just labels.


opposed_pair Honesty


It may have something to do with your spacing, but I’m not sure.
When I downloaded your choicescript_stats as a text file, it looked like this:


@Carlos.R His spacing is fine. The .txt files uploaded at the site sometimes can look janky and weird, but the compiler should runs through them just fine.

@lunawisp Well, that’ll turn [Honesty] into [Artifice], which can make things really whoppy to track (increase honesty to increase artifice?).

But I think she nearly nailed it.
@Delliot, instead of

opposed_stats honesty


opposed_stats honesty

I’m not sure that’s the case, but maybe that’ll beat the common sense into the compiler that nothing is wrong in your code.


Thanks, I’ll try that later on. Sounds right!


I think the problem is either in the spacing or the code.
I changed Honesty and Artifice to another Manners and Mayhem while keeping the exact same spacing and this happened:



Yup, @Szaal had it! Thanks to @Carlos.R and @lunawisp for their efforts as well.

I threw it up on a new instance so as not to invalidate tester saves, here it is working right: