Trouble with doing opposed_pair?

I’ve recently started writing a story using ChoiceScript. Although I found the guide on doing opposed pairs in the stat chart, I can’t get the coding right. I’m writing it like this-

opposed_pair Trickster

That seems to be how it was written in the guide. Yet it says it is a non-existant variable. I tried adding it as a variable at the beginning of the startup.text, but it says I must include a number.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

If you want a stat to show up in your stats screen the stat must exist in your game. In this case that’d mean that you need to create a variable called trickster in your startup.txt. There must be a numerical value associated with this stat. In case of opposed pair variables the starting value is usually 50, since this is the ‘neutral’ position, right between the opposed variables.

So basically you need to write down

*create trickster 50

at the start of your startup.txt (after defining title, author and scene_list).
You don’t need to define a variable for sincere. The sincere variable in the stats screen will automatically increase if you decrease the trickster variable, and it will decrease if you increase the trickster variable.

Basically, you just need to define every single variable in one of the following ways:
*create trickster 50
(in your case you would need that^^)
*create trickster “”
*create trickster false/true