Help with opposed_pair!

I can use the percent variables just fine, but I wanted to introduce an opposed pair of Heaven and Hell into the story, to no avail. How do I do that? in which files do I have to code it? How to I give it value? I can’t get it right! SOS

opposed_pair Heaven

You do that in the choicescript_stats.
You need to create the variable heaven.

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So, I create only one variable, no Hell variable, for example. Is it right?
Then on the startup page, how do I put this variable there exactly?

You create one variable in the startup, name it heaven.
create heaven 50

Then put what I wrote in the choicescript_stats.

Calm down, citizen. Tell us everything, one by one.

So, it’s an opposed_pair, huh?
Here. Take a look.

AHAHAHA R.E Towers hasn’t beaten me this time. Here is their wonderful guide of all around beginner script.
Link: The Beginners Guide to ChoiceScript

@Urban seems to have answered you, but for future tips create only the Heaven Variable and only Manipulate that variable.
Like if you want Hell to increase you would not say

*set Hell%+5

Instead you would do
*set Heaven%-5

You get it?

thank you! my hero!
Got it right this time…

hahaha, got it now, thanks for your time though!

yes, yes, thanks very much! :slight_smile:

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