Static Opposite Stats


I try using

opposed_pair Good

kinda stuff, and when i type;

#Do stuff
*set good %+10
#Do another stuff
*set evil %+10

then testplay it, even after I choose one of the option, the percentage of good and evil is not changed?


I could be wrong here, but I don’t think you can ever increase or decrease Evil.
From what I’ve been playing around with in Chocescript IDE the only way I got it to work was by Increasing and Decreasing only Good.

#Do stuff
*set good %+10
#Do other stuff
*set good %-10.

But like I said could be wrong here…


@Kyois You’re correct. Opposed stats really just create one variable (in this case, ‘good’) and only use the other parameter for display purposes in the stats screen.


@Kyois @jl_ thanks, it work now :smiley:


Good to hear it worked :slight_smile: