Outsiders (WIP with demo) (edited on 25/08/19)

Ever asked yourself, by watching other people’s drawings, paintings, songs, or books and stories, what it would be like if you could do the same? That you would kill for possessing such talent?

But what if you could?

In a world where law is in the control of multinational companies, a violent war for power takes place in the shadows, unknowingly to billions of people. Trying to undermine the others and steal away their greatest assets, their main tools are the Outsiders.

Outsiders are people who have developed special powers, ranging from low levels to the highest level. About 5% of the world’s population have these abilities.

Outsiders are feared and despised by all, shunned out from normal society, and don’t have the same right as the “normal” citizens.
The ones with useful powers are employed by the companies and used as weapons, both figuratively and literally.

You play as a young adult, right after their powers appeared after an incident involving an Outsider. Now hunted at your turn, you will face choices and their consequences.

For what will you use your powers for: ending the war, or accomplish your own goals? Who will you side with? Companies or Outsiders? Who will you betray, and who will you sacrifice for the greater good?

Fight in the arena to the death. Become champion and win the love of the audience, or conspire with a cunning director to take over…

Become a subject under tests to understand the Outsiders better. Will you comply and help them? Or will you sabotage it all?

Join the largest media coverage of the world. Become the biggest celebrity the world has ever known, or ruin the reputation of others.

Become a part of a task force to protect the innocent. Will you become a hero or a fiend?

Or join no company and conspire with other Outsiders to fight for your freedom.


  • Four playables companies, each with their own goals and motives, a rebel and secret path.
  • Six romance options confirmed.
  • A lot more that I can’t think about right now :smiley:
    (For now, the focus of the game will be on the OutZone company, the fighting arena.)


  • 06/06/2016: New version of the prologue. You can now choose how to approach Abby in the flashback.
    -25/08/19 : minor changes, name is now chosen during the park scene during a flashback. Changed a few things in the scenes, fixed grammar mistakes and typos.

Special thanks to the whole Kalathol’s Gang, @Wraith, @HuntedSnake, @UmbraLamia, @Nathan_Faxon (Co author and CoG Village Idiot :smiley: ), and also, @EmperorHeartless and @Cecilia_Rosewood for being able to put up with us. A big hug, to my Evil Twin :smiling_imp: @Zolataya, with which I enjoy speaking about things we have in common, and that I thank with all my heart. Their support and awesomeness made all of this possible :wink: Thank you all, and thank you CoG!

Now that credit is given where it is due, here is the link!


A joint project between @Snowpanther and @Nathan_Faxon. We created this project out of pure spare time and doing it as a hobby. Update shall be slow but the story is rich and full of multiple paths. It’s a lengthly one, where each branch has its own unique story to tell but it has incredible potential.

Feel free to ask questions, and to leave a like! :wink:


Sounds good I like it :smiley::laughing:


I would love to read the demo, but I’m at a stupid club meeting :tired_face:


It will still be there at your return :wink:

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Hope so, I’m stuck here until 12:00 and that’s when we start annoying everyone by howling for 5mins…not as sad as it seems.

Darn. I was really enjoying this Wip, and then it had to be mean and end.


The concept sounds good. I’ll check out the demo when I have a moment.


Hehe, sorry to disappoint you :stuck_out_tongue:

Will definitely write more of it through the summer, just be patient xD


This game needs an age stat so I can easily tell if I’m in a flash back or not.

The MC is already well defined, so it would improve the game if we were given choices to define the MC’s personality/actions.

The parents and everybody else in the world have made it clear that outsiders are bad.It makes no sense to me why a 12 year old (?) would go around talking to suspicious color, probably an outsider, strangers, and then think the outsider is cool especially when the MC has a charisma stat of 0. And, why can MC talk to strangers, but can’t talk to their own parents about why outsiders are bad.

Adding choices on what to do would help the player define their character. Maybe, the MC can have a choice to be suspicious and cautious, yet sees the outsider’s kind interactions with another curious child from a distance.

You could also give the MC a choice other than rush out unarmed and untrained to face the burglar that your own older and stronger mother couldn’t even defeat. Can we have a hide under the bed and cower in fear choice or something. It could all ultimately end in MC killing the burglar and running away, but it would help define the MC.

I don’t understand the TV and movie choices. Maybe, make it clearer in how those choices impact the stats.


Simple. Kids are curious. They will see outsiders with scary powers like fire projection and super strength. Somebody with colourful lights? That’s harmless and wouldn’t think of it as a threat.

Good ideas there![quote=“Sovereign2Lilith, post:9, topic:17676”]
I don’t understand the TV and movie choices. Maybe, make it clearer in how those choices impact the stats.

You will see :wink:


I agree with Nath, those are great ideas indeed, ones that we didn’t thought about.

I’ll make sure to modify the prologue.

For the flashbacks, there are clues, in the *page_break, and the date in the beginning.

However, I admit it might not be as clear for someone who never played/heard about the game.

The game is set in 2027, and the flashbacks are here to reflect on how are viewed the Outsiders. It won’t be, I think, the only time the MC’s parents are mentioned, as we may discuss of it with others characters.

Glad to see the WIP has launched. GL

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This is really cool. The outsiders look like they have a wide range of abilities between them.
one thing, and i may just be nitpicking, is the percentages you gave about how many outsiders there were. 5% of the total population is about 350 million people (more than the population of the US) and a 1 in 20 odds. the level of distrust they face woudnt be likely if there was at least one in every classroom.

There is a reason as to why there are so distrusted, and that’s not only because of their abilities :wink:

Dude i this was awesome i especially loved the play on power rangers:grin: Go! Go! Rower Pangers!

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All the CoG forum references is the best part for me also I love the plot and good luck. :smiley:

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Thank you, the references were really fun to write, but find the right ones was hard.

The last ones were added at the very last time, and I didn’t made one for all the users I thanked, maybe I will, later. They have a second purpose too. :smiley:

No probs ,i look forward to seeing more of this awesomeness

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The rest of the game will be different, with of course more choices, etc…

It really won’t be linear :wink:

We are focusing on one path at a time, much simpler this way.

This sounds like a really cool idea. I’m gonna try out this demo, and I look forward to seeing more in the future!

Edit So I played the short demo, and I really like the part with your mom. I like the references to pop culture things, it’s funny. I also like how I made my name “Thomas Winters” haha it sounds like some dreamy white haired guy lol

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