Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road": Spoilers Inside Thread

Side with the Si and make sure you have high willpower to shrug off your fear of flame, otherwise you will be forced to run away, there’s a lot of ranges of selection how to kill him make sure you’re stat and skill are high if not compensated with discipline if not he’ll attack you and then run away

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Could someone please tell me how to make elana into a ghoul? I’ve maxed out my intimidation and I still can’t intimidate that gangster fellow

Have either 2 dots of charisma or manipulation.

If you like it isn’t enough use the presence discipline to guarantee it success


It worked. Thank you so much :heartbeat:

So what the regular price of items when buying from the pawn shop? Cause im not sure im getting my 20% off the items the first night or not.