Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road": Spoilers Inside Thread

If only the power I gain depends on the amount of lore I consume. Oh, the injustice. :slight_smile:

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V5 is all you need

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Paradox just signed off on Hivemind (company behind Netflix’s Witcher series) making WoD content: World of Darkness TV and movie projects in the works at The Witcher series production company | PC Gamer

EDIT - here is the original Variety report: World of Darkness: TV, Film Deal With Eric Heisserer, Christine Boylan - Variety


Damn it, I did not expect Dove’s route to be so warm and cute and wholesome. It’s so great to see a character in World of Darkness that just wants some basic happiness. I don’t remember the last time I felt as warm inside as I did when Dove gave my Courier a hug.


But there’s so much to want :tired_face:.

Hi does anyone know how to get the SI to attack the camp in the Olivecrona mission? I heard that it is possible to get them to attack if you make enough mistakes and they will come and blow up Olivecrona with a helicopter but I have never been able to get this to happen regardless of how many intentional mistakes I make in the mission as it will always say the evacuation proceeded as scheduled

Has anyone ever been able to get this to happen? What do you need to do?

(Spoiler warning for the faint of heart)

So I just finished the game and it was pretty good. There were some small inconsistencies and errors here and there, but nothing game breaking (unfortunately I didn’t really write down where I saw them). I really liked the setting, especially how you managed to capture the masquerade theme. My only other experience in the series was one of the video games so it was fun to see it refferenced.

In terms of suggestions/impressions, the main thing would be to add an achievement (or even a hidden achievement) for killing the lampago. That was pretty tough and required basically all my hunger and maxed out desciplines, so it would have been cool to see an acknowledgement. A reward for turning your vampire into a monster slayer as it were.

Also, it kinda irked me how all of the potential start points (elite, estranged mobster, former courtesan manager) somehow having the same start. It makes sense in terms of a game, but still kinda annoyed me.

Lastly, the ending where you choose to go off on your own to get into the blood business could probably do with a bit more, um, a bit more. Like you sacrifice your chance with the Camarilla and you have the chance of achieving all you want in terms of lifestyle and sustainable leisure. It could probably be made a bit more satisfying/closure-y.

And that’s about it. Not really anything major to criticize, even the stuff I pointed out is like peripheral, unrelated to the actual meat of the game, and the game itself was pretty replayable.

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First and foremost lampago is a pre colonial gangrel so it’s much known that injuring lampago
must have at least a high combat skills and disciplines let alone killing it as for achievement unfortunately there is none

you already did sacrifice your relations with the tuscon camarilla if you just hightail it or betraying them to the si

As far as I am aware it isn’t technically possible to kill Lampago in the game, you can fight her and if you win she will fall out of the building but then it will say that she gets up and limps away and won’t be back for a while.

Regarding the Seattle ending, maybe you can try to accumulate as much mobile assets as possible and then see if it sounds a bit better. Having high social skills definitely count and you can also choose to grab valuables from the viper during the last couple of sections of the game instead of feeding just to boost your mobile assets. Don’t worry about spending money on luxury cars, the value of the car counts towards your mobile assets in the final calculation

Not really. In my playthrough I did actually kill her. I set my familus on her, used my Shadow to attack, and had celerity enhanced shooting. It worked, its just kinda hard