Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road": Spoilers Inside Thread

What do you mean have a good relationship with Julie and people over 60% do not understand

What don’t you understand?

You need to have a high relationship with Julian and his people to get the option to share Blood the third time. You do this by siding with him during missions over the Camarilla.

has anyone seen the new v5 update, the tzimisce joined up with the anarchs unbelievable

thank you my dictation did not read all of the message basically you helping with his plans and also flirt with him right le east

Not all of them. They are their own sect.



Guys, I have played the game a few times already but for the sake of it I simply CANNOT find the way to romance Dove… Care to explain how to do it, please, anyone?

So. I heard there is another update where you get to play. Lasombra and. I forget what the other 2 were? Either way, think I remember them being Sabbot factions though? Should be interesting. Well. Not exact, but there more commin in there, then the Cam, so…

The Dove Romance is not yet available.

Also, the four new clans will be Lasombra, Followers of Set, Nosferatu and Hecata.

The Hecata are a new clan formed out of all formerly independent Necromantic factions but, primarely, the Giovanni.


That’s four

Yeah, I forgot the Hecata, then added it but forgot to alter the number.

What do you mean “Not available”?

That was a mistake. The Dove romance hasn’t been added yet.

Thanks for the heads up, friend! Now I see… I must’ve looked like an idiot, haha!

I was wondering if there is a way to get in touch with the artist for some questions into the creation of some of the characters

So, I’m planning to create a vampire who’s like Annabelle from L.A. by Night. Can you guys give me tips on how to have a vampire with high humanity?


Choose the options that prioritise doing good to kine and exposing them to the masquerade and of course avoid killing them and suffering messy critical



You’re the one who made genius the transgression???

Holy shit dude I never knew.

I was fascinated by that game and loved the whole concept, my misfortune that I never did get to play


So I need to commit a masquerade violation in order to have a high humanity?

basically you need to choose the option that doing good to kine

  1. during the st basil hospital let the renovation go through and don’t upload the virus you’ll gain a humanity point at the cost losing trust with camarilla and fighting pattermuster

  2. revealing the smuggling operation to the cop after st basil

  3. during kiowa genetics mission save the cultists by choosing the option of holding down the door

  4. when fighting invidia overload the facility and it’l automatically force you to save the remainig scientists and cultists

  5. at camp scheiffer choose the option to let immigrans out at the bonus gaining raul as ghoul

im not writing anymore than that okay