Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road": Spoilers Inside Thread

Does anyone know if there’s actually any in-game benefits of diablerie? I did it twice and it doesn’t seem to do anything but to lower the generation number.

Oh, I can answer that. Reduced Generation means your Hunger increases more slowly when you use your Blood (to mend, activate disciplines, etc.) The much-coveted Garnet Ring works the same way.


Not sure how to befriend or talk to Raul. I’ve seen him in Camp Scheffler, I also got his name by asking the other prisoners. But I haven’t been able to interact with him before and after freeing the prisoners. Help?

Right, so I’ve never played or had any experience with the V:TM franchise. Is V:TM - Night Road dependant on knowing the lore from previous games? Or can I play this with no other knowledge and be fine?

The lore came from a rpg Book. A good mj don’t force his player to go through the corebook to play his game.
No, you don’t need to have played before. Youn can discover the lore with this game.

So I just finished my first playthrough and it was good except my mc was going to do a mission and decided to feed first and then got a screen saying that my beast has risen and then the game ended…did I do something wrong? not familiar with the lore of this game so idk if I did or not lol. Other than that it was great and really engaging!


It has been a most exhilarating experience, every bit as much as I had with Bloodlines. My PC was Luka, a male Ventrue, childe of Elin Olivecrona.

Luka is a Ventrue through and through. He had plenty of mortal friends in life, networking with the best of them, especially Rainer from college.

Despite the… unpleasantness from the previous upheaval, by the time Luka reunited with Elin, he was able to smoothly reconcile with his sire and put the past behind them. Ultimately, Luka was a staunch traditionalist, fully believing in the Camarilla and wanted to assimilate fully into it and rise high, as is expected of a Ventrue, so it was unsurprising that he got along so well with his sire again.

At the same time, Luka does strongly believe in noblesse oblige, that the strong need to protect the weak, and he is also, to a lesser extent, repentant of what he must do to survive as a scion of Caine. If Luka had been embraced in the Middle Ages, he would have been a Ventrue following the Via Equitum, the Path of Chivarly, a subset of the Via Regalis, the Road of Kings.

It is the reason why Luka discreetly arranged for the release of the prisoners from the camp. That one matter aside, though, he did otherwise fully help his sire to evacuate smoothly with no complications.

Luka wanted little to do with Julian, especially since Luka still deeply repents the fact that he committed the Amaranth so long ago. Still, as a politically savvy Ventrue, he allowed Julian to think he was agreeing to work with him, if only to keep a finger on the pulse and monitor Julian.

Despite having just about no ability in the physical arena, Luka did not need it. As a Ventrue, he truly shined in the social arena, able to take his way out anything, talk down opponents in even the most fraught situations, and negotiate the best deals or aptly persuade or deceive mortals not to break the Masquerade. He did not even need to use his Disciplines until the very end against the SI. He also shined just as well intellectually, calling upon his extensive intelligence, academic, and scientific educations.

It certainly matches the Ventrue’s philosophy. Unlike the Lasombra, the Ventrue should only use Dominate as a last resort when regular persuasion fails, which is exactly what Luka did.

As to ghouls, well, Luka was a bit hesitant about taking human ghouls, so he ultimately settled for learning Animalism from his sire and taking Lobo as his famulus. Luka does love his wolf companion dearly, just as Lobo is very devoted to Luka in his own turn. Quite fitting for the Clan of Kings, to be able to command man and beast alike.

I got 3 of the desired endings. In the one where Luka romanced Lettow, Luka ultimately departed with Lettow to the Middle East when Lettow could no loner deny the Beckoning.

In another endings, Luka has fully integrated into the Camarilla, now serving as a Camarilla courier, going everywhere as needed, from Colorado to California.

In the third ending, after helping the Camarilla resolve everything, Luka decides to go to Seattle and integrate into the blood trade, doing quite nicely for himself, presenting himself to Prince Cross and all, a fellow Ventrue.

In all cases, dear Lobo will be with Luka, a faithful companion through the nights to come in facing the prospect of eternity.


I have to agree with a previous poster. The whole immigrant part leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. It could’ve been handled better. I’ll build from there and say, for one, the whole ”Most are just good Americans that want to keep the land pure and shit. And some Nazis” (Paraphrasing, can’t remember the exact quote) seems to say “Oh, yes. Normal patriotic Americans are ones that keep their “race pure” and not like nazis at all”.
Don’t know if there was a typo there or maybe badly explained? But that wasn’t good.

While playing I, like a previous poster, found the game giving me the first three missions again when I was playing my final missions. I replayed once (in the same playthrough) and nothing game breaking happened thankfully.

Also, on one of the news sections it says MS-13 is a Mexican gang. That is wrong. MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) is a gang that was created in the United States by immigrants from El Salvador. It wasn’t until later that the gang appeared on El Salvador when members started getting sent back to El Salvador. So calling it a “Salvadorian gang” would be wrong as well. It’d be better to just call it a gang.

The good? (Ignoring previous parts) It can be fun.
This is the type of game where there are some mayor choices that can give you quite the chunk of different playthrough depending on what you choose.

Also is the type of game that can show an “us vs them” mentality (vampires vs humans). That can downplay some political aspects since depending on how you play the character, they can view humans as a simple tool of sustainment, therefore not caring about it’s food’s politics.

People that like a game that gives a wide choice of abilities/powers to the player, doesn’t limit your acquisition of more powers, that has extensive lore; would likely enjoy playing this game as well.

However, it leaves a bad taste when it comes to the way it presents/included the topic of immigration in the game.


Not sure how to befriend or talk to Raul. I’ve seen him in Camp Scheffler, I also got his name by asking the other prisoners. But I haven’t been able to interact with him before and after freeing the prisoners. Help?

This game is a triumph. It perfectly captures the tone and feeling of the World of Darkness setting and the stats feel so much like playing a tabletop roleplaying game. It is also MUCH larger than I was expecting. I’ll be honest, I expected the game to start winding up into the climax after the first three missions but there was so much more.

I do wish there were more chances for diablerie. My first play through was as a Banu Haqim and it felt so appropriate when I was able to diablerise (redacted) it felt so good and appropriate. Even if it didn’t actually achieve anything stats wise I wish I had the choice to diablerise a lot more of the vampires we interact with.

There are a few bugs and typos here and there but for a project this size you expect a few typos and some missed formatting. I’ll record them on my next playthrough and send them through to the support email.


The story was long and plenty of player choice, I loved that. But I have one major issue with it. Even though it says you can be straight, gay or bi, if you play a male, it seems to try and shoehorn you into a gay relationship.

I can understand Lettow being interested for story reasons, which is fine. After all you can choose not to romance him.

However, with Julian, that’s not an option. I played a straight, money driven, higher calling vampire. I chose not to romance anyone so they couldn’t be used against me. I never flirted with Julian. Just used him for money, was interested in his plan because it benefited my endgame. Showed concern occasionally when he’s hurt, since he’s my cash cow after all. Sided with him and had maxed relationship stats. But it tosses in embracing, hand holding, fingers intertwining, etc. With no option to say no, we’re just friends, etc. The flavor text also makes it seem your mc is or may be into him. That’s not the case.

So, it’s breaks my immersion and way I play my mc by trying to shoehorn him into being gay and or wanting a relationship.

Second issue, since I’m posting. Also kind of bumming that there are no main female characters you can romance, all are side characters. Some games change the main characters gender based on your gender or sexuality, like Lost Heir and Hero’s Rising. Unfortunately not this one.

There really isn’t an option to choose your sexuality, just drinking preference. Which I chose women, since that is the only way I would think of cementing your sexuality. Besides your preference in clubbing if you choose drinking via sex. In which case I chose women again, but still get the gay route. Can this be fixed?


I’ve played a straight male throughout the game and I didn’t get those interactions you’ve described.


If you’re experiencing what you think is a big, take screenshots and email them to support.

How do you keep interacting with Vani though? I only met her once to introduce herself and the area other than that I didn’t see her again.

Kinda hoping to romance her also lol.

This is awesome! Will there be future DLC with more clans to choose from? Personally, I was a tad bit disappointed when there’s no option to play as a Lasombra :kissing:… Nevertheless, I love this game so far! Thank you for another awesome game!

I think my main issue with the game was how stat based a lot of interactions tended to be. That is to say, regardless of what I was attempting to achieve, the safe bet would be to check which of my stats was stronger and choose the option that rolled against it.
Would I have preferred to have to navigate a dialogue tree in order to, for instance, convince Elena’s criminal supplier to get off her back? Yes. But I also understand that that is more time consuming to write and the game is large as it is.
I guess the best way to describe it would be to say that it felt like playing a session of VTM managed by a GM that focused more on the numbers in our character sheet rather than roleplaying.

With that being said, I still very much enjoyed the game. It had plenty of ways of customizing my character, a lot of choices, it captured the mood of the World of Darkness to a tee and the writing itself was a pleasure to read.


Would love to play this during the weekend, but am I going to have to wait for a save option at the end? Or is this simply a one-shot?

How are you supposed to diablerize Reremouse? I played as a Banu Haqim twice and chose the option to defeat him with the Prince. Once he is downed I only have the options to move away from him, check on the others, kill him or ask him something.

Also there was a Toreador glitch where the SI came for me twice but I couldn’t view their hostility towards me or pay that guy on the radio to distract them. I escaped the first time but ended up running out willpower and blood the next time so I died.


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For some relatively inexperienced with The World of Darkness, would it be a bad idea to do a first play-through as Caitiff?