Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road": Spoilers Inside Thread

Honestly, I’m glad there are no dice rolls, as the stat checks are complicated enough. Usually there are 2+ stats required for each option + some modifier based on your previous choices and/or hunger, will, etc. + difficulty check (which will vary for different options within the same choice).

I wish the difficulty was visible with active storyteller mode. This or saves system (at least at the beginning of each chapter) would help a lot, as the difficulty isn’t really clear in most cases and mistakes may be fatal. Normally I don’t mind playing the game as it is or restarting if the situation turns to be very dire, but with the length and variability of “Night Road” it’s too frustrating sometimes. Because you can’t tell for sure, where was that mistake and how could it be avoided. Like, all stats were high enough, but the option ended in failure, and you don’t know why: should the stats be even higher, should you choose differently in previous scenes, should you choose another option with lower stats in hope it will have lower difficulty as well? Storyteller mode helps, and thank you for adding it, but it’s not enough in some cases.


If someone died you may have failed the skillcheck for that choice, so long as you pass all of them (and don’t kill anyone while feeding from them and successfully keep the humans away from Lampago ) they should all make it out alive.

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I thought I shouldn’t have failed since it was an INT + Academic check and I had 4 INT + 3 Academic (I think the choice was to explore the passageways or something like that). But I don’t remember exactly.

Yeah that would be helpful certainly… It was kind of hard to anticipate the difficulty of the choices.

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Yeah 4int +3ac should have given you the pass, my only guess is that your hunger may have given you a penalty or you’re playing a gangrel and you’re penalty when interacting with humans dragged you down?

Since the game is doing very well, will there be a sequel in the future?


No known sequel but it is the first of three stand alone games in the WoD.


Exciting news: a new version of Night Road should be coming in a few hours with a lot of the bugs and typos sanded away. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s sent in bug reports; Night Road had dozens of beta testers and at least two dedicated playtesters, but it’s so huge and complex that we still had a few surprises. So thank you again, and if you see anything else please send an email to support@choiceofgames.com.


Fixes as of 9/28/2020

  • Fixed the disappearing-convictions bug
  • Fixed various typos (mostly caused by multireplace) and rewrote some unclear sentences
  • Increased car_structure damage to match regular damage , which increases as the story progresses
  • examine_syrena crash loop in 11_the_road fixed
  • Removed duplicate *gosub in “avoid drawing the attention of snipers” approach to the Viper in 11_the_road
  • Replaced “he” with ${wolf_he_she} in Viper infiltration of 11_the_road
  • Fixed “undetermined” in Julian conversation about the silver knife
  • Permanently assigned preference (for siren/seduction feedings) to match feeding restriction if you’re Ventrue, which should fix one reported bug and several unreported ones
  • Added hunger < 5 restrictions to discipline use in 4_hospital ; they were missing in several places for some reason
  • The 2100 Formula now lets you artificially lower your Generation only once
  • Added some text to indicate that you used Presence against Pattermuster in 4_hospital
  • Fixed repeated text in the siren feeding option (at the Arizona Biltmore) of 4_hospital
  • Integrated Obfuscate more clearly in the mobile home park against the FBI agents
  • Removed “you can have aggravated damage at full health” bug
  • You can now succeed more fully in investigating the Snow Room at Kiowa Xenogenetics. In general, cleaned up the Snow Room investigation code.
  • Fixed which disciplines Olivecrona’s and Caul’s Blood unlocks (bad copy-paste led to the wrong disciplines being unlocked for some players)
  • Made it a little easier to secure Raul in chapter 2
  • Fixed some damage pointers and calculators for both you and your car
  • Added a variable to track possession of Caul’s grimoires.

Bummer this wasn’t intended. Still, I kept my now 7th gen save file so she can live forever in my heart.


Aww…nothing about those cool late game and epilogue cars. :cry:


All cars should now be available one way or another, assuming certain kinds of play. There was an infinite-loop bug with the Syrena but that’s fixed now. The epilogue cars, note, are only available in the epilogue, after you’ve made all your choices, so you won’t get to drive around the (checks notes) 2002 Kia Sedona.


How can you get the 2020 Mercedes Benz EQ then?

I saw it in the code for the Julian but found no way to obtain it in game, so I thought maybe it was meant as an epilogue gift at one point?
As well as a branch where Julian is prepared to offer the Hispano, but he never seems to make good on that one either. Which is a pity as I really would have liked those two cars.

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:thinking: Honestly the ending (doesn’t matter what you decide at the end) made me think it left intentionally open the possibility for a sequel to this specific title. It may or may never be made but there is a strong “we’ll see each other again” vibe in the characters final dialogue.

The other 2 games planned share the same universe but stay on different storylines. It may be crazy but cameos or brief references to each other would be really cool concept to see. In this game there is also a reference to the first Bloodlines videogame about Lacroix but I found the text a little confused (Lettow seems to rumble about it :grin:).

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The courier can end up in very different places though. Denver, Seattle, the Middle East… I’d say we might see some of these characters again if Kyle Marquis writes another vampire tale, but probably not for the courier.

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That can only occur if 1) you end the game with Julian, 2) your relationship score is very high, and 3) you don’t have a car of your own—presumably because you smashed it up during the drive to the Viper. Oh, and you don’t have a ghoul whose car you can take. Losing your car right at the end is extremely rare and may be impossible in some playthroughs; I added the bonus cars mostly so the epilogue wouldn’t cough up an error if you didn’t have a ride.

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Ah that is it then, my mc easily met conditions 1 and 2, but not 3.
Kinda sad though as the Benz EQ and the Hispano are way cooler cars than anything you can obtain in-game at the moment, at least for a more modern, forward looking high-tech mc, like I was playing.

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Has anyone romanced Vani? After I do her quest and hang out with her, her lab vanishes from the choices, and I can’t talk to her again. :frowning:

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Is it actually possible to seduce the Prince of Tucson?

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Yes. You have to be a good little Cam toady though.

I would still only say sorta and I personally find it icky that princy sees my male mc as the new embodiment of his old female lover. So it is not for me. Fortunately for me Julian is adorkable and super cute.

He’s a vampire, so it’s kinda expected. Ironically Julian is the kinda character some of my mc’s in other games are. Still he’s so adorkably cute, combined with the dangerous and sexy thing common to many vampires that he’s very hard for me to resist. Different strokes for different folks though.

Seems to me that we need to wait for Parliament of Knives to step into the incredibly fancy shoes or boots (whatever you prefer, I hope) of the classical, suave, seductive manipulator vampire ourselves.
At least for a VTMB game, as I doubt Bloodlines 2 will give the mc the opportunity to actually be the manipulator as very few AAA games do that and in the other CoG game the mc isn’t even a vampire.

On this forum those Betwixt currently gives me the most hope for both a satisfying manipulator and romance path in a single playthrough.

Agreed, was sad that the hottest ghoul is not romanceable too.