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In that case, I have to officially headcanon the one with their back turned as Em. Not just because the appearance is roughly right, but because even though the Sorceress is right in front of them flinging lightning around, they seem to be looking up over and a little to the side of the Sorceress’s shoulder, right at Natalia. :purple_heart:


I took every chance to schmooze up to the Sorceress at the beginning of the game with the idea that if ever I decided to change my mind towards the end of it, I’d have some positive relationship point wiggle room. I also chose to run as myself, not fully aligning with the Harnessers maintaining a high relationship score with Ravenna. :slight_smile: Hope this helps!


How do you go for immortality?

You need to have access to the Stars in the end.


I’ve been playing Vivian’s romance for the first time, and … wow. I cannot thank Ms. Trevor and the rest of the CoG team enough for making a game like this possible. I’m always on the lookout for good asexual representation, and Vivian was written with such authenticity it nearly moved me to tears. I don’t think I’ve ever read a character before who had little or no interest in sex for its own sake, but reveled in their ability to give pleasure to someone they cared about. People like that aren’t particularly rare in the asexual community, but it’s utterly refreshing to see one in fiction - and in a love scene that was entirely sweet, often quite funny, and almost achingly tender in the end. I think that cantankerous, illiterate thief just earned a place on my “favorite love interests” list. Thank you for being, as you so often are, on the front lines of representation…


Absolutely wonderful! This has to be top 5 CoGs/HGs I’ve ever played. The amount of different variations on how things can turn out at the end has a really impressive variety. I honestly couldn’t figure out who most of the romance options were supposed to be until partway through the story so I missed out on that, and thought Vivian would be an awkward one at first, but I became so smitten with his personality that I have to do another run just to romance him properly… Exploring around and discovering the secrets of the city was really satisfying. I still haven’t uncovered all the secrets surrounding the Sorceress either, so that’s another thread to tug on in the future. This game was well worth the asking price.

My only real gripe was there were so many stats and I couldn’t tell what most of them were supposed to do, it seemed like they didn’t affect anything except a few of the really obvious ones like the Sorceress’s affection and such? The group of personality stats like grace, artistry etc especially, I have zero idea what those are for/how they affect anything. I hope some kind person who gets it more than me will release a guide in the future.


Those other stats make a big difference when it comes to how you progress through the story. When you face a choice that offers a variety of ways to tackle a problem, that’s often going to involve a stats check: whether you succeed or fail at the method you choose (or, if the story requires it, succeed but with a penalty) depends on your stats. You’ve probably played other games where that was a little more obvious, and it’s fairly subtle here, but it works the same way. If you haven’t already, read “An Explanation of Stats” on the stats page, and then pay careful attention to the way each option is worded. You’ll start to pick up on the hints about which stat is relevant. “I know I’m strong enough to do this” indicates a Strength check; “I focus and don’t stop until the job is done” tests Resolve; “I offer a clever excuse to explain my presence” tests Ingenuity.

LOVE this game. Been addicted to it the past few days trying to see all the different possibilities!

I’ve been having trouble successfully accusing Rey in Chapter 9. I took every opportunity to investigate Rey and tried telling both Nobu and Em my suspicions but the option to get their support was greyed out. Last time I had a good relationship with Ravenna but she didn’t help me either. What stats/story actions do I need to successfully pull this off? Thank you!!

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There are a number of different ways you can do it.

To get Em and Nobu’s support, you need to not just tell Em your suspicions in chapter 7, but go to them in chapter 9 and tell them what happened with Rey after the storm. You need a high relationship with Em at that point, otherwise they won’t accept what you’re telling them. Exactly how high depends on a bunch of different factors. Telling Nobu should be an auto-success if you’re in a position to do it in the first place (if you successfully got him to talk to you after dealing with the flood in the plaza).

The rest of the options to accuse him at the ball are just tests of different stats. Intimidating Rey (or the crowd, depending on whether Rey’s there or not) tests Tyrant. Appealing to Ravenna tests her relationship - it may not have been high enough if she didn’t agree to help you. (She’ll also only help you if you specifically choose the option to appeal to her.) Pointing out what a mess Kelestri has been tests Discontent. Leaning into your connection with the city is Soul of the City. Again, I can’t give exact values for what the stats need to be, because there are a bunch of different factors that can make them easier or harder.

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No this is a big help!! Thank you so much. I’ll be honest and say I took every opportunity to spend time with Harper (he’s just so cute) so some things may have fell to the wayside for me. I’ll give it another try!!

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I finally finished! It only took me six weeks, although I’ve never restarted a game eight times before getting to the paid content until now. I felt like I really had to think about what option I was going to choose in this game. I think I have lightning powers now, as I kept seeing flashes of light followed by a migraine when I saw another large paragraph appear on the screen. Some of the dialogue and choice options where very funny, I liked the regular use of humour to brake the tension. My favourite option being to heroically leap into an empty chasm that just appeared outside my house. I would recommend being poor in the strength stat and then attempting to use magic/physicality to solve problems in the latter half of the game for added hilarity. I also managed to get a good ending which doesn’t happen too often for me. I will play a few more times for sure, definitely the best game I’ve played yet on this site and very relatable since I’ve lived on my mother’s sofa for the past eight years, slightly above living in a cave (maybe). Would recommend for anyone in a similar situation!


So… Sorceress… My mc was calling her mother the entire time… But, in chapter 8,suddenly started calling her sorceress when we return to her with the stars. I really thought it was to tip her that mc can’t reveal the relationship… But she still got angry(-relationship points) when i thought I was tricking the traitor… :sweat_smile: she should have picked up the hint

Switching how you address her is to avoid revealing the relationship, yeah - that should be acknowledged in the text. Keeping her from getting angry can often be a difficult task.