Our Hidden Gems Are On Sale!

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The 2024 Choice of Games Hidden Gems Sale is here!

Sixth Grade Detective

Shhhhh! It’s our super secret special sale! 

Thanks to a very scientific poll conducted on our forums, we’re proud to announce that our “most underrated” games, aka the Hidden Gems, are on sale all week! Pick them up for discounts up to 40% off until February 22nd on the platform of your choice–Android, Android Omnibus app, iOS and iOS Omnibus app, Steam, the website, and on the Amazon Android Marketplace!

And check out our newly updated Hidden Gems Steam bundle

Pon Para and the Unconquerable Scorpion
Nikola Tesla: War of the Currents
Sixth Grade Detective
Cliffhanger: Challenger of Tomorrow
The Superlatives: Shattered Worlds


Nikola Tesla: War of the Currents and Sixth Grade Detective are stunners! I look forward to diving into the others highlighted here - much love deserved.


I hope this sale brings much-deserved new attention to Cliffhanger. It’s a darn good game, fast-paced and full of over-the-top scenarios. It really captures the feel of the old-timey serials it emulates. It’s definitely plot-driven, but there are some interesting characters nevertheless, and it’s both funny and surprisingly thoughtful. It’s fast-paced and relentlessly entertaining, and although the playthrough length is a bit on the short side, it more than makes it up in replay value. Definitely worth snapping up on sale!

I haven’t played Unconquerable Scorpion yet, but I also feel comfortable recommending it on the strength of Great Southern Labyrinth and the general awesomeness of Kyle Marquis.


I am agree. My position that Teddy Roosevelt’s election had narrative potential in the story of our MC and Tesla still remains valid.

I also hope to check out Cliffhanger: Challenger of Tomorrow


Well, it’s time for some of the less read items in the back catalogue to get their time in the limelight! This selection may be small, but we do get some rather solid ones (Cliffhanger, Nikola Tesla, Pon Para).


Ah, I remember this poll. Excellent choices. All are worth playing.


I knew there was a reason for that poll!
Regardless tho nice, sad to see my beloved asteroid run didnt make it ;~;


Sooooo… when I click the links on the OP or my email, I get sent to a screen like this:

and it freezes shortly after.

Honestly it feels kind of strange having the Sequel on sale but not also the first part too.

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And…I have all of these, but haven’t played all the way through any of these yet. Sixth Grade Detective is so much cooler than I ever expected, and I’m not sure why I didn’t finish that one yet.

So this sale is a nice prod to get going – and it is lovely to hear from people who are massive fans of these. I have no idea when I grabbed Cliffhanger, but it appears that I didn’t even look at the description – odd for me, how did I convince myself to buy it! – so thanks @AletheiaKnights for talking it up.

And as someone who has long been a Kyle Marquis reader, I feel the heat of fan-shame that I merely purchased but didn’t play the sequel yet. Like a new album from a favorite band…that you never even unwrap? (Do physical metaphors for music even make sense to people any more? Maybe vinyl or the return of cassette tapes.) Those stories aren’t able to do their job if the only choice I have played is “buy this.” But, I suppose, at the very least you all should join me in that first buy click, and then blaze on past me while I slowly catch up on my long backlist buys addiction. :wink:


the Tesla one is pretty good but I personally did not enjoy the Cliffhanger one, might try some of the others out

I will say above all pon para is like, absurdly good. I’m probably a Kyle Marquis fanboy at this point but the lore is super solid, the gameplay is nice, perfect mix of Stat requirements but not 200 pages wiki guide. I can imagine the only reason it’s on a hidden gem list is the lore blast you with how different it is


Oh these are all stuff I have yet to play, guess I’ll splurge soon.

Do wish the first Pon Para could go on sale with the sequel though.