Top Five Underrated COGs 2021

You may choose THREE options.

  • Asteroid Run
  • Broadway: 1849
  • Chronicon Apocalyptica
  • Daring Mermaid Expedition
  • Death Collector
  • Demon Mark: A Russian Saga
  • Drag Star
  • Fielder’s Choice
  • Fog of War
  • Gilded Rails
  • Grand Academy II
  • In the Service of Mrs. Claus
  • Odyssey: Echoes of War
  • Sixth Grade Detective
  • Sword of the Slayer
  • T-Rex Time Machine
  • The ORPHEUS Ruse
  • The Superlatives: Shattered Worlds
  • Thieves’ Gambit: Curse of the Black Cat
  • To the City of the Clouds
  • Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck
  • Trials of the Thief-Taker
  • Undercover Agent
  • Weyrwood

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Could I recommend that the poll declare a max of games to vote in the poll? as it is, It is really confusing how many games I could vote. Great poll


I love them all. Very hard choice imho.


When is the end date? The leaders have shifted so much since it began that I wonder if when it ends will be as much a determiner of the top 5 as anything else.

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For those that have the least amount of votes, aren’t they technically the underrated ones?


Plot twist: the winners will be the five games with the least votes.


You know, I really like the current least-voted game and voted for it. Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck is short and pretty silly but has really creative characters. The way all relationship stats are opposed is really weird, but still I think it’s funny.


I actually enjoyed second least voted for. I think there are games which are good for the more niche audience they’re intended for.


I’ll be closing this poll at noon EST tomorrow.


I re read The temple of clouds, I still believe that writing wise is the worst hosted or Choice game ever. However, I have to admit that has aged well, and have good pacing.

I think it’s unfair that Chronicon Apocalyptica didn’t make it into the top 3 since the writing and setting are both amazing.

To be frank, I think everyone has those same feelings towards at least one of the games that didn’t make it. Opinions are subjective and all that jazz.

It’s Asteroid’s Run for me, btw.

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Definitely an eclectic mix for the top 5. Congrats to the winners! Kinda!

Top five are now on sale for 48 hours! Grabbed Broadway 1849 and Odyssey: Echoes Of War myself. Would have got Superlatives 2 as well but with the first game not being on sale either it isn’t quite as tempting?

Funny. Lots of people say Shattered Worlds is actually better as a standalone.

Is it? Didn’t know that. I figured most games need to have the previous game to follow things, but if you say so I will give it a shot.

Here’s another endorsement that Shattered Worlds work best as a standalone.

If you want to know: Importing a save from Aetherfall means the player character of SW gets killed off at the start for Aetherfall’s to take over. The powers you have from Aetherfall? It gets removed too. It’s odd, to say the least.