Our Hosted Games Hidden Gems Are On Sale!

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The 2024 Hosted Games Hidden Gems Sale is here!

You’ve cast your votes and chosen five underrated games that haven’t (yet) gotten the attention they deserve! These “Hidden Gems,” selected by a highly scientific poll conducted on our forums, are on sale this week! Pick them up for discounts up to 40% off until February 29th on the platform of your choice–Android, Android Omnibus app, iOS and iOS Omnibus app, the website, and on the Amazon Android Marketplace! Relics II: The Crusader’s Tomb is also available on Steam.

Relics II: The Crusader’s Tomb
The Gray Painter
Donor: A Vampire Victim’s Tale
The Day After Ever After
Tudor Intrigue


I’d like to put in a good word for Donor and The Day After Ever After.

Donor is a refreshingly original vampire story with a couple of genuinely chilling antagonists and a real feeling of tension and menace, as well as a sensitive portrayal of a deeply troubled protagonist.

The Day After Ever After is a delightful take on the Cinderella story, or rather, what comes after it. It’s consistently funny, but also thoughtful, and surprisingly challenging to earn a happy ending.


Thank you for your initial review and talking it up here as well! I really appreciate it.

Also, a thanks to everyone who voted for Day After, and to the company for holding these polls every year. To anyone reading it for the first time, I hope you enjoy it. I can’t guarantee it, of course. But I can guarantee it’s going to be surprising. Hopefully that counts for something.


I think I will try The Day After Ever After and Relics II.
Donor would sound interessting if it would allow reversed genders.
Tudor I already have and The Gray Painter hits way to close home to my own problems.


A quand la mise en place de tous sur steam?

Pas tous les jeux sont mises en place sur Steam. Ces jeux ne sont pas tellement populaires, et donc la plupart n’est pas sur Steam.

Et c’est définitif ? Car c’est assez Triste (perso j’essaie de les avoir tous sur mon pc pour pouvoir les lires avec un traducteur)

You can still purchase the games through the Choice of Games website and play on the PC even if they are not available on Steam.

C’est pas faux

Welp, here we go again! This selection is, as usual, solid.


I’m liking it so far