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There is an upcoming visual novel called Heart Fragment that looks so promising… The game comes out at the end of this month (on Steam), and the game’s trailer had just arrived as well… I think the genre is “psychological thriller”.

I’ve played the demo of the game recently and it has impressed me so far with both the voice-acting and graphics!

“Heart Fragment” (Book One) game promo trailer


Gah! Thank you for recommending this game! I absolutely love Quest!

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Atoc just updated for those that are interested


This game is adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Do you know any similar games?

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Hmm. I follow quite a few VN’s, but in the matter of sweet and easygoing love interests with a feel good plot I’d suggest: I Love You!, Meeting In The Flesh, Our Life, Lovewood, and Persona 5: The Visual Novel — this game is in its early development stage and it’s the Akira/Ren moon route that’s fluffy in particular.

Side note: Fujiwara: BitterSweet and XOXO Droplets have more ‘angsty’ character interactions but are very cute overall. There’s also a Yandere version of Droplets called XOXO Blood Droplets — though it goes without saying that this one isn’t sweet at all, but the animations are cute lol.


Bustafellows is out now on Steam and Nintendo Switch!!! There are also physical collector’s editions of both platforms still available if anyone is interested (Steam and Switch).

I’ve yet to play any part of the English release but I remember playing the Japanese demo and being absolutely stunned by the quality (The sleek art and GUI!! The realistically overlapping and high quality voice-acting!! The animated backgrounds and cutscenes!! And the MC is voiced!) so if you like murder mysteries with a dash of time-travel, it’s 10% off on Steam until August 6!


I was already going to buy this in a few days but thank you for telling me MC is voiced. THAT’S A HUGE BONUS+++ :orange_heart::ok_hand:

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Also forgot to post about Tears of Themis when the closed beta and preregistration campaign were happening but for those who haven’t heard, it finally released a few days ago as well and the release campaign is currently ongoing. Otome Obsessed also has a review of the closed beta here.

Made by the same company as Genshin Impact, ToT is card-collecting mobile game in which you play as a lawyer and collect evidence, question witnesses, participate in court trials, and of course spend time with your favorite guy. IMO as a beta tester, the story and characters are super engaging and the MC is probably one of the best around. Vyn, the sketchy psychiatrist, is also my current favorite. :green_heart:

ToT is absolutely gorgeous with animated(!!!) cards, minigames, video calls, and full voice-acting in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, and Korean. It has a lot of features that I’ve never seen used in a mobile otome game up to this point, most of them utilizing 3D or live2D, so please check it out!


@almasetiyanti there’s an option to mute the voices in settings! if you go to options > voices, you should be able to lower/mute/adjust each character’s voices. this applies to all characters, including npc’s too. hope this helps!

edit: edited because it wouldn’t let me reply directly to you!

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My recommendation is this medieval wip VN, in which u take the role of a badass female MC. All characters seem interesting, and the plot is pretty cool (not as silly as I tend to notice in this kind of setting). Your choices appear to be quite meaningful and the art is so beatiful.

There are 2 male RO and 1 female RO. But, as I said, what got me impressed is that all characters - not just the ros - seem to be deep.

You can pick the skin tone of the MC, her eyes’ color, the type of her hair and her expertise skill (diplomacy, faith, economics, army. The options are something like this). Anyway, I usually dont like visual novels because the pacing tends to be too slow for my liking, but this one was totally worth it. So here it’s my recommendation =)


This is vital: is the Mc useless in anyway?

She is not! Most of the characters are obeying her command, she is the own in charge of her own fate (and others’ fate too actually.)

The game is on steam too!


Not necessarily otome games, but a couple of free Visual Novels on Steam came upon. One is recent, another came out last year.


Alright I had to play Our Red Strings after it was mentioned here along with her other game because I can’t seem to resist a vn with adult content and competent writing. And while I enjoyed what I played so far the author seems to reaaaallly dislike fat people, particularly women. Or even just anyone mildly overweight. And I’d put a warning for transphobia in regards to the first game too. I found it pretty off-putting.


Thanks for letting us know! I’d rather not play then :ok_hand:

Which one are you talking about? The transphobia I mean

Good Girl Gone Bad. Specifically a character named Jasmine. Who is the only trans person in the game. She is described as “not entirely a woman” and sexually assaults you in a locker room. Pretty much plays into that whole “transwomen are predators and shouldn’t be allowed into women’s spaces” even if I don’t know if that was their intention. So yeah. Not great.


The castle of embric was a total loop if i didn’t have a walkthrough i would have been lost

A couple of different things. First is another free Visual Novel on Steam. Has a number of female romance options:

Also, for anyone here who may have backed Winter Wolves’ new Kickstarter, Love Notes, as the writer for it, I want to thank those who made it hit its goal.


Don’t know if this one has been mentioned here already but this seems a solid WIP for a sexy gay game thus far:

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