Other Games by Lucid, Author of Life of a Wizard

Life of a Wizard is my first game through COG, but not my first piece of interactive fiction.

My two stories that I wrote for Infinite Story became massively popular. They were written 9 years ago, just for fun. I had it suggested to me that I should showcase them as a way to promote my new release, Life of a Wizard. My new game has better writing, more interaction and is set in a fantasy world.

Blind Date: A juvenile comedy. http://www.infinite-story.com/story/room.php?id=13945

Paradox Factor: A science fiction game. http://www.infinite-story.com/story/room.php?id=15695

I hope you enjoy my old games and that you will try out my new game when it is released.

Cool u probably have lots of experience now that’s y ur soo awesome

the very good…

Blind date is hilarious, but paradox factor is kind of confusing… It’s probably just my limited intellect. @-)
But seriously they are awesome.

Thanks, it was fun to write. :slight_smile: The reboot of Paradox Factor is less jumbled. It comes out in June. :slight_smile:

Check out my page for more updates: www.facebook.com/LucidsGames

I remember reading Blind Date years ago :slight_smile:

Funny you should mention that. I’ve been giving some serious thought into remaking Blind Date i. Choicescript. :slight_smile:

Juvenile, cheesy, campy and immature… It might be a lot of fun to redo it. :slight_smile:

I think that’s a good idea!

I played blind date so long ago still very funny though

Not many morals in that game. :slight_smile:

It was like Porkies or Revenge of the Nerds. Immature humour, but it was fun. My wife thinks I should remake it in CS. :slight_smile:

"Sara laughs as she slowly begins to undress! You undress with her and step into the steaming hot tub.

You did it! You have successfully completed the greatest blind date ever! Congratulations, you got the girl!


I really thought this one of this games where you can’t win. But my 8-th try show that i’m wrong. But player forced to “steal” his money back… There is moral?

Will you release Blind Date at choice of games or hosted games as well?

Maybe some day, but I have a bunch of other projects that I’d like to do first. :slight_smile:

Hahaha I played Blind Date 1-2 years ago, loved the redneck dad and the milf.
and I do have you on FB

I remember Infinite Story. I used to play on that site a lot. I think the most popular story on it had a section in which you played as a pedophile. There were some weird things on that site.

My first Interactive Fiction game was written in batch on a school computer. It was about you traveling to a village and finding it empty, later discovering everyone was kidnapped by orcs, after which you can leave or try to help them.