Othandi Khile's Song (WIP) - (10th November 2016)

Welcome to Othandi Khile’s Song! A new step in a project that began as a seed of an idea that’s since grown into an effort in fully realised mythmaking (we’ll see how that goes). This game functions as a self contained story set in the context of a larger universe and overarching narrative.

I think of it as an anthology, a companion piece to the main storyline (Song of the Fallen) that takes us deeper into the mind and heart of a crucial character (yet to be introduced at the time of posting).

Both are still very much works in progress and for now most of my attention will be focused on Othandi Khile, given that it’s a much smaller and more contained story. Crawling before you run.

So…yeah, let me know what you think. What did you hate? What did you love? Be as brutally specfic as you like, I can take the hits. If you have any questions, fire those too, I love talking about this fake world.


Our story takes us through moments in the life of Othandi Khile: a name, a myth, a thrice great legend. In the heat of a changing and desperate world, her might shines as both a light of inspiration and a dark reminder. From the stormy waters of the Seaborn Isles, a new Song is sung with a new age begun.

Othandi Khile demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/add/othandi-khiles-song/mygame/


The dropbox links no longer work as they once did.

Yeah, I realised that things were a bit weird. Should be fixed now though, redid it with dashingdon.


I think I played this before unless I’m mistaken ?

You might be thinking of Song of the Fallen? They’re part of the same world, but this is it’s own contained story.


Love that we get some background info on what happened to the prince.

Welcome back @Left4Bed good to hear from u

Thanks! Good to be writing again, class has been like a jealous lover.

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I realised that there were a number of key characters with a defining impact of the main storyline that you wouldn’t get to properly experience in Song of The Fallen alone. This anthology is part of an attempt to broaden the world and explore its many corners. The prince is part of that, originally he was just meant to be a footnote as part of the setup, but in Othandi Khile you’ll have a chance to spend some time with him and engage in a number of crucial story moments.

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I enjoyed the path available so far. Interesting you are gender-locked as female, although, except for the “old name” it was never overt …

you can even get away with saying it wasn’t gender-locked so far … imho, ymmv.

Are you going to move Song of the Fallen to dashingdon as well?

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YOUR BACK!!! :laughing:

:grin: :grinning: :sob:

I think im dying on the inside…

(p.s. you are my #1 favorite writer)

Hey, I really like your writing style, keep up the good work, I’m really looking forward to see more.

Yet still I was kind of confused by the choices ending with (nothing) which turned out to be under construction.

I’d like to suggest using *selectable_if command, to point out what kind of choices are to come without forcing the player to restart the game because of reaching a dead end