Order of the knight templar

Well the title is very tempory but…i really didnt feel like creating one permanent title yet.

Anywyas the theory goes that at some point in the futre the cahtolic church during a period of great upheaval and chaos stepped in rallying humanity and bringing it from the brink of destruction (( the intro will be a brief interactive summarization of this )) to a place of galactic supremacy and power . after this they re created the ancient templar order to enforce the churches rulings and policy. The inquisition was brought back as well for much the same purpose as it was intended for historically. The popes wheres now complete head s of all humanity and they acted like it . the player character starts as a regional comander for a small templar garrsion on of the few outer world hive planets. The game will intro into a conflict between the inquisition local forces and the local imperial military force. I cant code so im also looking for help with that.


Is this Hellsing Ultimate from the Church’s point of view? I’m convinced.

I’m also interested. What’s our goal?



If the inquisition is even half as cool as these guys… I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to shut up and take my money. ( insert images of me throwing money to your face here. figuratively because I’m just too poor to actually do this.)


Sounds like Warhammer…AKA IT SOUNDS AMAZING!


Ultimately the goal is to emulate what a futuristic theocracy would look and feel like based off of medival catholic vaules and rules over by a absolutist church led by the pope.

And in particular to create a believable environment that could work if you where reading this a an actual history. Your role in the order or inquisition possibly even the clergy is more of a frame for the larger story .

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Sort of yeah:) can you help code?

Still will forever love this WIP…

Thanks, i really want to start this im a huge history buff so your likely to find a large and fairly obvious influence from that:)

Inquisition? Sounds fun.

Yes incorporated within the rest of the game, its unlikely ill have the original pc lead or be a part of it. It will also serve a historically accurate role, more an organization of agents then a army or large military organization like dragon ages was .

a) You’re not supposed to ask for coders on the forums and b) I can’t code.

But good luck!

Didn’t know that. But thanks.

Now to elborate more the player character will start out as a male member of the templar order at the level of brother sergant. (( may change the ranks name ))

The story initially follows his rise during tje orders beginning years until the prologue ends with the pc becoming the grandmaster then transitions to a more customizable background and character with the gender lock being lifted . your choices and personality which you will shape decides what kind of grandmaster he will be and generally how he responds to situations.

By the way… the Knights Templar never really “enforce[d] the churches rulings and policy”… They mostly kinda looted and pillaged a bunch of Muslims and were eventually excommunicated for being too wealthy. Although obviously that’s a huge oversimplification.


I think Halo is a pretty cool guy. Eh fights aliens and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Damn kids these days! Can’t tell the difference between a freaking Ultramarine and a freaking Inquisitor…

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Yeah but i kind of want to amplify that role because, they did historically perform a similar role from time to time they would perform a role similar to that of a caravan guard for the church as well as in their early thats for the actual caravans.

Let me elaborate , the intention is not to give them a inquisition like vibe… I explained this quicker above

They are meant to be a relatively large police action force focused on enforcing the churches rulings and policy not just on a religious but also a political level…there will as i said be an inquisition but its not going to be a dragln age esque organization , imagine more a tight nit relatively small orginization of what are essentially preist-detectives given broad authority but heavily monitored. They will call on the local templar commander to aid them…the templars are not obligated to assist as each inquisitor has sufficient resources to solve most problems themselves…some even employing private armies. But the templars rarely refuse.

Also the above is indicative of the style the game will be written in.

For the beginning, where you make it interactive, were you planning on letting the player shape the world around them a little? Not where the MC gets to make those choices, but where the player gets to decide on certain parts of the galaxy?

Yes, although in ways that not all of them aside from his or her personality will be readily apparent until later on in the story.

For instance how the orginal character responds to different situations will be based on the personality you previously established while playing the prologue.

I imagine that your second and main playable character will definantly be able to have a big or small (( depending on you)) influence on the galaxy and im probably going to introduce small sections in the game where you will be able to play your previous character but we will have to see if that will work into the over arching story.

Here is a small sample of one of the prologue beginning storys i have written down…it establishes Your childhood and will be one of three choices.

Your father was a important senator representing the respected colony terra nova in the imperial senate , growing up you wanted for nothing save the love of your father…you had a big house and many nannys and maids to occupy your time. (( you will then choose an opinion on this ranging from hate to indifference. ))

Thats only part of it id put more but i dknt want to annoy people so i wont. I really have about fourty thousand words sitting on a word document waiting to be coded into the game. I only have .my phone now so i dont think i can do it from here.

Oh and i am considering technically lifting the gender lock depending on the backstory you choose for the grandmaster.

Update. We have some progress. It will take a while but i should have a demo up in the next few weeks. Its going to be rather small but id like to see what people think and with my rather shoddy coding skills i have alpt of errors to deal with and correct.

I’m looking forward to the demo.