One policeman: Two Scenarios (psychological/thriller)

The synopsis is in the link above. (I haven’t written a lot, just a tiny bit so I’m sorry for that. Scene 1 and 2 are just examples of the twins personalities)

I wanted to create a game base on dissociative identity disorder. Except that instead of writing it normal, I wanted to turn it into a psychological/thriller.

I also wanted to say that I’m not a writer. I just want try my hand at this. If your looking for great writing or to immerse yourself in a world and all that type of stuff.

I am sorry to say that you wont get that here. Also I can try to correct spelling to an extent, but I am one person and my limited correcting skills might get on peoples nerves, so I apologize.

Now that we got that over with… lets proceed

In this game you can:

  1. Try to solve the mystery of your past.

  2. Do your duty to your nation and try to help people in their time of need.

  3. Disregard everybody’s needs, hedonism is what you live for. Causing misery to others is what you do best.
    (kill, evidence tampering, unfair imprisonment etc…)

  4. There is a third personality, but I will be explain it later.

Remember this, while one personality is “awake” the other one is “sleeping” and vice versa. While you will be in control of the personality that “suites” you most of the time.

Please understand that that wont always be the case. I want to try and switch you with the personality that you “hate” without you noticing. I want to give you that sort of feeling of am I going crazy or that dejavu feel.

There will be rare instances of both personalities being awake. This means that you can interfere with your twins actions for a short period of time without being notice, but know that the same thing can happen to you.

That is all I have. I think it would be super hard to do, but I want to at least try it. I’ll keep adding more to the story later.


Sounds interesting and what you mean by two personalities I’m sorry just dumb

  1. you can’t no longer tell who you truly are. (I think you meant you can no longer tell who you are)

  2. you should do some more research on dissociative identity disorder because I’m pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to work like at all.

  3. In order to become a police officer you have to go through quite a few psychological screenings, they don’t let just anyone become a cop.

  4. It’s mission (unless you mean to say it is mission then you probably meant its)

  5. Also, the stats screen has leadership and strength twice in two different stat formats


This is true, but if both dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde are very high functioning individuals it is possible to beat those screenings. As long as both are highly capable individuals it might be possible to get any discrepancies that are noted written off as “eccentric” behaviour. Alternatively this game can either be set somewhere prior to 1980 or so when that sort of testing was far less prevalent and much easier to beat (the Dutch one until 1979, for example, mostly relied on the honour system and the candidate filling in his/her forms that they had no prior history of mental problems and the psych review amounted to two measly sessions in the academy and one cursory followup every year).

Either way it is possible to slip through the cracks of any system given enough luck and determination, particularly if our protagonist either does not have a real partner or else rotates through them quite fast.

Thanks for pointing out the writing errors.

I’m not a license professional and I can’t tell you how the sickness works. I just mentioned it so that people can get an idea of what I’m trying to do.

This is true but it’s like what fun would it be when in movies you go like if they did this in the first place then that wouldn’t have happened. It’s fiction, if they didn’t pass the m.c then there would be no story to tell.

The point that I’m making is the way you describe the disorder and the way you’re having it work, is not how the disorder actually works. It is because of this that you should do some research on the disorder so as to avoid misrepresenting it, or alternatively make up one of your own.

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