Once More (WIP)

Play the test demo here! || Tumblr for updates and the author's clownery here

(The current pinned post on Tumblr is a little outdated as there were changes made during the making of the first demo. And while the MC may be genderlocked to female in this game, that isn’t to say that my future projects will be genderlocked as well!)

Once More is an upcoming lighthearted otome game about second chances, moving forward, and finding your place in a new and strange, yet familiar world. Some of the characters and parts of the plot come from old stories written by me and my friend, who wishes to remain anonymous as they assist me plot-wise in this endeavor.

The full story is planned to be released for free, and is my first game!


Lying on your side in a damp and cold alleyway was not how you expected to meet your end. But fear not! The mysterious lady who found you has other plans! Your new life as a rich noble has been nothing but peachy, until you get all of your memories from your past life.

On that note, you’re not just some rich noble! You’re a member of house Borge, a very old family with a prestigious lineage infamously lurking behind the scenes of Push Your Way Through The Cracks, a romance novel you once read in your previous life. Couldn’t you have been reborn as someone else under better circumstances? Like, I don’t know… the heroine’s great grandmother, maybe?

Either way, it looks like this may be the situation you’ll have to make do with. As the only daughter of one of the most powerful men in the country, your hand has been sought after by many ever since news of your birth. When you do come of age, both eligible and ineligible suitors start flooding in left and right. Though sadly, not everyone has the best intentions for wanting to pursue you.

But whether you wish to marry or not, there are only two goals you are set on achieving: living happily and surviving past age 40.

Planned Features:
  • Begin a new life as the ill-fated daughter of Rafael Borge and try your hardest to survive what fate has in store for you. Maybe you’ll change what the history books will have to say about you?
  • Customize your appearance to fit your old one or start anew!
  • Romance one amongst the five love interests and find a happy ending with them. If that isn’t up your alley, you can always befriend them instead!
  • Build relations with the rest of the cast, be they positive or negative ones.
  • Live and play a role in a world directly lifted from the pages of the ‘Through the Cracks franchise many years before its beginning.
  • Try to stay alive.
  • Wait… how did you end up here again?
Love Interests:
  • Kaspar (he/him) - Your right hand man who has always been by your side for as long as you can remember. Word on the street says your mother picked him up from the slums and made him watch over you as a playmate when the two of you were still little.
  • Nataniele d’Ambrosi (he/him) - One of the most eligible bachelors of your generation. Popular amongst both the ladies and gents for his easygoing charm, it’s a surprise amongst the older nobles that he isn’t married yet.
  • Alonzo Castile (he/him) - Another very eligible bachelor and younger brother of a wealthy and powerful duke. In the canon timeline, he was supposed to be your second husband who was assassinated. It is rumored that the plot was orchestrated by your older brother.
  • Eloisa Ramirez (she/her) - The eldest daughter of a somewhat affluent travelling jeweler. Just like her father, she has a gift for the arts and skillful with a brush. With her quick wit and pleasant visage, you won’t question why many wish to be her friend.
  • ??? (he/they) - The adopted son and heir of the Baron Ortiz who has rarely ever made a public appearance. They actively try to avoid you. Rest assured, they won’t get involved with you unless you want them to.
Other Characters:
  • Rafael Borge - Your father. He is very faithful to the Heavens as he is the High Leader of its church, but notoriously known for his hunger for power. He claims he loves you and your brothers very dearly.
  • Violetta Alamfi - Your mother. She has always been very distant from you and your siblings growing up. She spends most of her time in a vacation house far away from the Capital.
  • Cezare Borge - Your older brother and father’s heir. Unlike what you’ve read about him in the books, he seems to tolerate you most of the time. Perhaps you can work towards a better relationship with him in this life?
  • Lorenzo Borge - Your younger brother with a religious devotion that rivals that of your father. Although you two don’t see each other much, he wishes nothing more than for you to live a good life.
  • Gianni Borge - Your youngest brother who has been looking up to you ever since you two were little. There isn’t much for him to do as the youngest of the family. He wishes to leave the country and travel the world.
  • Marguerite Lablanc - Cezare’s surprisingly level-headed and wealthy wife from a neighboring country. After winning you over with her big heart, you begin to consider her the older sister you never had growing up.
  • Belladonna Marlon - A friend you made after your societal debut. In contrast to her older and timid twin brother Oleander, she exudes an air of confidence that draws many people to her.
  • ??? - The mysterious entity who found you at death’s door and gave you a chance to be reborn.
  • And possibly more to come!
The full demo plans to include:
  • The previous features of the test demo, but revised if needed.
  • MC’s full understanding of the situation.
  • Experience a whole new childhood in the world while working to avoid your drastic fate.
  • Meet all of the love interests.
  • Meet all of the important side characters.
  • Gossip with friends over some tea.
  • Attend a funeral and a wedding.

Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated as English is not my first language. Hope you enjoy!


Is there no male gender for MC? Whatever I choice. My MC will always be a young lady.

The author said in their post that this game is genderlocked to female.


This looks fun! Looking forward to it

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Ohmygod this looks so fun! Very isekai manwha of you. I always wished I could actually choose who the MC ends up in those stories, so this is perfect. I’ll check out the demo asap and keep an eye on it :eyes::two_hearts:


I loooove this :heart:

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Oh my lord, is this an Otome Isekat I see? In COG? And I get to choose the Male Lead?! Sign me up! I eat this ish for breakfast!
Needless to say, I’m excited and I hope for your success!


Yes, sadly. There are no plans to let the MC be male as of now.

Thank you! Many aspects of the story are inspired by isekai manhwa, minus the getting hit by a truck thing.

Or the Female Lead, if that’s what you wish!

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I’ll make sure to keep that in mind, thanks!
If I remember correctly, MC’s preset name only affects the skill and not the personality stats. I chose to give each name a different strength and weakness due to the people in her life influencing the subjects she studied because of her name’s meaning. You can still select the name you want and end up focusing on raising a different stat from the boost it gave you!


oooh niceee :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

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The prologue is on a good start, good luck with pesky codes and bugs. It’s nice to read an isekai’d into a game novel. Don’t forget to use cliches as a twist it’s always vital to input your own brand, come what may.

Have fun creating worlds!

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Oh wow, looking great so far. I can’t wait to meet all the RO’s.

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No new update yet, but I’d like to drop here a slice of a concept for a side game that was supposed to be an improved version of the current test demo.

This is farewell for now, since I’m aiming to release the full prologue next!


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