Offering to make Poem,Speech,In Story fairytales,Legends,Etc

Basically i quite good with bardic things, including speeches jokes etc.
I need few pointers(like if it is supposed to be happy, sad, what you want it to be about.)
Note This is not just for Cog games, if you write fanfic or anything im at your service.

This should be in the Professional Services category.

You should probably also provide a example of what your writing is like, Most people(Including myself) like to know what the quality of writing is going to be like before they ask something of you.


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Professional Services is more for people who want to get paid for their services :smirk:

Usually but @CaesarCzech is offering a service, So it makes sense to go into the services category.

Even if it does not belong in the Professional Services one, It definitely does not belong in the Game Development category.


@CaesarCzech you’re offering this up as a paid service?

Yay or l nay?

What say you?

Sorry for being afk school was hard this week.
Im offering this for free because i think i have decent skill and I think i can help to make your game even better.