Can anybody write short poems?


I’m wanting to have short poems at the beginning of each chapter of my game Celestial, and I’m hoping someone on here would be willing to help out because I’m no good at writing poems.


What kind of poems are you looking for exactly? As in what length, what rhyme scheme, what would the poems be about, etc.?


For length probably something between five or ten lines I guess, something that can comfortably fit on a single game page. As for rhyme scheme, I have no preference, largely because before you asked I didn’t know what that was, and after looking it up I didn’t come up with anything that I preferred. And as for what they would be about, they would serve as an introduction for each chapter. though more specifically than that I’d rather not say here. If you or anyone else is interested, we could discuss it in more detail in PM.


Below is an example of what I’d like. I’ve tried to contact the author about using it, but they haven’t answered, so rather than risking going through that for every poem I thought I’d try the CoG community.

My mind has always drifted, from teachings of the gifted
Looking back through time, it seems to me sublime
Could the answer be, simply what we see?
We know stars shrink and die, then blast apart – divide
I wonder if a mirror, would make the issue clearer
If we could see before, the Big Bangs secret door
Perhaps the other side expands away as wide

  • Before the Big Bang byDavid Mohn


@CaesarCzech offered to do something of the sorts a while back.

Maybe you could try that.