Nuclear Powered Toaster! (WIP) Publication Date 10/25/18



Okay, so the contract is signed and NPT is one step closer to being inflicted on an unsuspecting populace. But I need some art assets before everything is complete. Is anyone here any good at quality image resizing? The artist only got me one version of the cover art posted above, but HG wants a variety of sizes to accommodate various websites and marketplaces. He said he would have more by Wednesday, but that was in June so I guess I should asked which Wednesday he meant. And admittedly I have badgered him so many times over the last thirteen years (some deserved, others much less so) that I just don’t want to do it again.


Hey congrats! I see NPT in the Upcoming HGs thread now!


That…is a surprise to say the least. I did not have all the sizes of the cover image they requested. I guess they resized it for me? In any case, very cool, and thanks for the heads-up!



Wait, what? What happened to the character requirements? Well, yeah, very well deserved!


Thanks! And I am not sure what you’re referring to. What requirements?


When making a post. The 'posts must be at least 20 characters long" thing


Oh! Slappy, Schwabby…Samsonite, I was way off! I thought this had something to do with story characters.


Well I do have things to say about the story characters but they’re things I’ve already said. But yeah, I’m just wondering why I was able to post just the word “Neat” with an exclamation point and nothing else.



Edit: We’re free! Free to spam without draconian letter limitations! Huzzah!


So i guess it will be released in another 2 days ? :-):thinking:

I had play it once and love the story telling of this game … the NPCs are charming , especially the villainess , which i hope we can meet her again if there is a sequel :-):sweat_smile: Looking forward to collect this HG to my phone :wink:


Thanks! It’s been a wild ride since I got the release date last week; on Wednesday I was diagnosed with shingles, and Saturday I fell off a truck while it was in motion. At this rate, me surviving to Thursday is not certain.


oh hey… sad to hear that, are you alright then ? fell off from truck seems scary :frowning:

Well… not doing too good myself at my work :-):joy: But don’t worry, i think we will survive … i mean we should be able to breath fresh air again every tomorrow :-):stuck_out_tongue:

Now i realise how good it felt to be able to just breath fresh air :-):grin:


Just 2 more days. Wrap yourself in bubblewrap then stay in bed!


Do you have your IP house in order??? Does the fam know what to do with NPT when you attacked by a troop of baboons next week?

New Hosted Game! Nuclear Powered Toaster by Matt Simpson

Heh, what is to be done with it remains to be seen. NPT is certainly designed to be part of a series. An indefinite one, potentially. At this point there’s three options.

  1. It doesn’t sell particularly well. It was a big personal win just to write a story I have tried, in a dizzying variety of formats ranging from webcomics to video games to conventional novels, to create for well over a decade. If one is all I get, I’m OK. So if it poops the bed from an economic standpoint, the series is probably dead. Or at least comatose.

  2. It sells decent. If the sales are solid but unremarkable, I will likely wait until after The Parenting Simulator is released and see how it does. To the victor goes the first spot for a sequel.

  3. The populace proves that they have more money than taste and NPT is a hit. Parenting is too far in to bail on now, but if Toaster works out really well, I will move on to NPT 2: The Hoard as my next project instead of Parenting 2 or TriviArena. I might even do a short prequel set between the Clysms called A Sterling Reputation to tie it all together as well.


I mean, shit, if Toaster contains this sort of humor, I’ll buy it. :man_shrugging:


I mean, even if it didn’t, I obviously would have to claim it did after a remark like that. So of course it does!


Is that my future I’m looking at? Questions, questions.

Also loved you’re demo. I was one of the lucky ones who played it before you pressed the publish button


Any romance in the game?


Nope! Apparently I have a severe allergy to money and success.