Nothing shows up when running the code

I’m currently using my phone to create my game, and so far I can’t even get through the first choice. I copied an example code and when I go to run it none of it will show up. Any help is appreciated.

By looking at the tabs/spaces, you have inconsistent indentation.

I never tryed on a phone and I don’t know if it really works but from what I see the startup.txt is named startup(1).txt
You can not change the names of the main files, otherwise it won’t work.

Tried to run the default text in startup, still doesn’t work. Fixed the startup name as well.

Maybe because you’re running the .html using your phone’s default browser?

As stated in somewhere-I-can’t-remember, the optimal browser to run is Firefox.

I’ve used both Firefox and Chrome and neither work

So you are trying to use the index.html to play the game on your phone? I don’t konw if android/any mobile os is capable of running that unless you compile the game first, and that I think you have to do it from a pc and then you can run the *.html on your phone browser. As I said, I could be wrong as I haven’t tried it myself.