Nothing left (to burn) [WiP] — July 16 update!

So how do you get revenge in this do you out right kill them or not.


Sorry for the quiet month! I was busy with college related stuff and several things in real life, so I didn’t make as much progress as I would’ve liked. The next update will add two important scenes, and the start of the whole story, as chapter 1 is still what I would consider quite introductory :sweat_smile:

It depends on several stats and decisions; there are more dire vengeances than others, but who knows what might happen; these things tend to run out of control at some point.


Do some of the revenges involve fire hence the name.

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The title is not 100% set, but it’s meant in a more metaphorical sense about revenge/bullying.

It’s about the player, who, although can be shaped by the player and their decisions, starts as someone who has suffered heavy harassment in their High School, to the point of dropping out in their sophomore year and wants revenge. If you’ve some experience with bullying, you’ll know that it takes a lot from someone: their happiness, their self-esteem, part of themselves and ultimately the will to keep going.

Now, we know that the path of vengeance isn’t good as in if you only care about revenge, sooner or latter you’ll lose yourself, but what happens when it’s someone who has lost so much that they don’t care? What could do someone who doesn’t have anything left?


Well for me as long as i get revenge everything else is secondary.

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One note: The beginning of Chapter 1 described the news of Drew’s death as “terrific”. While this word does come from “terrible”, it’s often used as a positive- i.e. “Mom, I got an A+!” “Oh sweetie, that’s terrific!” Not how you’d usually describe a death- you might want to use “horrific” or “terrible” instead.


Thanks! My, what a blunder :sweat_smile: English isn’t my first language, which can lead to mishappens such as this one. How embarrassing… I’ll correct it in the next big update, along with the rest of chapter one and part of chapter 2!


No big deal! That one throws Anglophones sometimes.


The thing is - and I love languages because of these things - originally terrific meant ‘causing extreme terror’ but you all no doubt know how words change meaning with time. :grin:

From Latin terrificus (causing terror) and so forth. :relaxed:


I’ve got this error, can’t get past that.


Me either. I wanted to crrryyYyyyY

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I also get this error and I was really looking forward to see the new content of the update.


I keep getting this error.


@Alex2 , @heavens_way_out , @Infinite_Drane, @Martin_Brody sorry for that bug! For some reason quickest didn’t work, so I couldn’t run it and remove all bugs before updating the demo.

I’m currently out of my home and I can’t do anything about the bug, but the next update will be only of the prologue (maybe part of chapter 1). There’s a new starting scene, and Drew will appear, with the intention of getting the player to know them and sympathize with them before everything starts. I still have a lot to do, but the prologue only is already 7,5k words! :upside_down_face: If everything goes according to the plan, it will be around 10-13k words long, and will end where the original one did. I will push this update before August ends!

Have a great summer! :smile:


:confetti_ball: :fireworks: The new demo is up! :confetti_ball: :fireworks:

This update contains only the prologue, but it’s about 11k words long with code included (the old one was about 3000). Most of it is new content, with a new intro and a really long scene where you get to know Drew a bit before the story starts rolling :smile:

Let me know what you think of it and the characters! :upside_down_face:

Edit: please clean your caches!


I like changes so far! Glad to be able to know better Drew before they die.
But, I will never will be able to complete the demo, al I? :cold_sweat:

Errors again!

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@Langre How strange :confused: I uploaded a new version, clean your cache and try again :smile:


Well, Drew seems so perfect, game actually states the fact how incredibly talented, smart, etc, it is just a small bit annoying. Amid this their physical injures and dire mental state seemed surreal(is it intended?).
I don’t say that that Drew’s talents and skills should be reduced I felt like I didn’t know them at all to sympathize with their character, only that how perfect they are and something bad is going on with them is all I know, so I felt that I don’t care, dunno. :cold_sweat:


i don’t know, i liked it :sweat_smile: mostly because i got the feeling that while our MC loves Drew and they really are their best friend, they also have an incredibly skewed view of them for that exact reason! but i see what you mean x)


Wow, now you said it I can understand that Drew is so flawless because it is MC’s perception of them. And it really a good hint to better understand MC’s relationship with them.
Though, if I didn’t read your comment, I would never get this point of view. :sweat_smile: