No Peace (WIP-4/15/2024)

“Even in such a world every single one of us can find our ‘purpose’! We can will meaning into the meaningless! We can seek a most beautiful delusion to LOVE! AND THAT’S A DREAM! YAYUYUYU!” - Bromley Hearthguard.

“It’s all so strange…the world I mean. It’s too… PRECISE! Yes! Split right into four neat seas! With unmoving patches of water dividing them! It’s as if the world was tailored for the world government!”-Quinn Shardwell.

“You’re all morons! Infuriatingly lucky ones at that…maybe it’ll rub off.”-Pipper Marlowe.

“They’re called pastries you morons! (sigh) Listen If what the kid says is true… if that place truly does exist, sweets and flavors lost to the world for centuries may be retuned…and this bitter world of ours can be a little less that…Tch! Something funny Marlowe? I’ll hit you!”- Hugo Redmar


A generation too early to witness the great pirate era and the treasure that set the world aflame, an ocean to far to witness the rise of a king.

You are however just in time to be among the final true adventurer pirates, who were defined entirely by their own entirely unique dreams!

Will you find the courage to wonder? Will you find the callousness to pursue it, consequences be damned!?

Then leave it all behind! Step forward! And SET SAIL!


Marines. Clad in dazzling white, the noble instruments of JUSTICE!

That is what you believed, that is what you fought and killed for. And yet…in your would be final moments you found no peace. And so! with a shout! You pulled yourself from the dark reborn, An instrument no longer.

You are now left to define your own dream. To find take to the seas once more, as one among those you’ve hunted.


Update Log


Opening chapter


Prologue: A marines past


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It’s hard to be sure these days if this is their original work, AI generated or simply reposted but on the working assumption it’s theirs, any help in reaching out to them would be great. I’d like to commission some work for our characters and posters in this style.


Hello Everyone! Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve had issues accessing my older account so this will be the new post for ‘No Peace’. We return with an update! We’ll be having a longer update out next week! It’ll be the conclusion of the prologue arc and an end to our time in this island and an introduction to the next arc. So be on the look out for that!


It is okay things like that happened before!

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Will we get a second book that will show the great pirate era

Will it fix the “Nameless” problem? It seems so odd to have that there.

I think I’m slowly getting the meaning of the story here. About our marine is pretty much nameless. There is actually a few cultures that will force you to get your own name or like my family mix both. Your last names together to simplize unity. It makes my name longer than the normal American thing that makes it difficult. But what I like about what you’re doing with this marine is showing his despair If we choose to live, we fight for our life. We always did trying to save a family member. Or our troops when you think about it. Your men, your colleagues, you view as your family.If you don’t have extended family people , you serve with become a social norm witnessing that many casualties and seeing the enemy smiling and realizing this was not a Pirate VS marine. This was a battle of ideals. And seeing our characters flashback.What is our goal constantly being dragged by the sergeant to the marine Admiral, to this hell, why not we choose? Our own fate is pretty much. What? I’m getting out even though it might get you labeled as a traitor and you surviving this much death might label you as a very strict bounty If we interfere on that kid’s life that might change. And it might be on our head. I just wonder how this is going to play out. Personally, Woodman, you did a good job. Keep improving, don’t give up on what you’re trying to make potential to make the perfect one piece story of a marine turned traitor.


very interesting, I hope I can be a physical monster at Garp’s level


If you spec into a pure haki build? Definitely!

There’ll be a mod menu soon though so people can avoid min maxing all together and role play whatever they want.


Maybe, but I imagine someone will have started it by the time this book is done and I plab this being a very long book.

If you’re referring to the character name. It’s actually an intentional choice. But it’s not meant to remain, more something to represent the change from a marine to a pirate.

Thank you!

And yes! The ‘nameless’ tag has thematic value! You’re a one of the faceless mobs we’ve seen in so many stories, a cog. A true ‘stormtrooper’. One of themes in the story is the exploitative nature of fanatic collectivism where the majority are striped of individuality for the sacrifice and benefit of very few ala Marines and World Nobles. The ‘nameless marine’ tag relates to this among other things we’ll learn about the MC going foward.





I…can’t believe I forgot just how mad Garp is.

Well, you re operating in the period leading up to the great pirate era, so naturally you’re expected to compete with that entire generation including the likes of Garp, Riger, White beard etc.

So yeah. Eventually when we get to the new world you’ll have similar moves in some way shape and form.


Gurararara that old and differentiated monster

the guy over 70 years old, imagine the scale of a galaxy impact of him at his peak

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Considering Garp was able to obliterate the Skull Island with just a single punch before getting iced by Aokiji it’s rather terrifying to imagine just how stronger he was in his prime when he went up against Rocks D. Xebec with Roger’s help.

Also I’m glad to see you took my suggestions concerning the OP terms, it would had been awful for you and CoG getting hit with a lawsuit from Oda’s lawyers. But meanwhile I’m gonna go the Shanks route from what was shown in Red. Insane speed, insane haki and being a swordsman but I’m probably skipping the forbidden friuts since Kaido on Wano said Haki is better than any kind of Devil Fruits


It throws me off because the grandfather addresses childMC directly as or by Nameless. Maybe consider switching it out for “child” or something?


I have to agree with Anne on this–leaving it as an intentional “nameless” just makes it look like a naked variable with choice script. Even a blank space, or nonsense text that doesn’t mean anything would (purely from a stylistic standpoint) look better than nameless as the marker. :sweat_smile:


Yeah it’s because the power to conquer the sea is Haki


I can’t even measure the level of strength that xebec had, resisting Garp and Roger at the same time is terrifying and makes me wonder if someone will ever surpass this feat


Only person that realistically could do it is Sun God Luffy.

But that’s getting off way track here so I’ll keep the focus on the WIP


The new world is a new experience. I think that is what the one piece is pretty much experience. Find something you want cherished Roger had a sense of humor. It might just been his crew that he called the biggest treasure that would be the biggest insult and his crew were just in on the prank.:laughing::yum: