No "Next Chapter"?

This is the end of the first page of code from the game Academy of Disaster. It proceeds into the next scene without displaying a “Next Chapter” tab, despite the presence of *finish without alternative text. Is that because there’s a *page_break in between the last section of text and the *finish? I looked at several games that do properly indicate the ends of chapters, and the only difference I can see is that they don’t have that *page_break there.

Remove the *page_break right before the *finish, see if that works. Think its going to the next page, but since the next page is blank, it auto advances to the finish.

The very last bit would look something like:

Once I processed that, there was nothing holding me back from grabbing my shoes and rushing to investigate.
I wish I hadn't.

EDIT: I did some testing. If you want a page with JUST next chapter, you need something in between the page_break and finish. It cannot be just spaces and choicescript uh… doesn’t like null characters. Its a really, really dumb solution you could also do something like:

*temp blank ""

between the last page_break and the finish at the bottom to give you a page with just the Next Chapter button.


Thank you so much! Please note this isn’t my work, this was a game published years ago. I was just frustrated by the lack of an indication during play of where the chapter ended.

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