No Cyberpunk CoG?

Do you think that a Cyberpunk flavored one would work? I was watching a let’s play of VA-11 HALL-A in which the MC is a bartender in a cyberpunk future. After thinking about it seems like a good idea

I honestly think that there’s a lot of potential in the themes,ideas,and atmosphere. If its done right,it could make for an immersive game. I mean,we already have a bunch of Sci-fi ones,but not cyberpunk. It would be interesting to see someone try that as most games are fantasy or scifi. (Urban fantasy is rare as well) If you think that it can work,then how you would design the stats,abilities,paths,etc?


Ratings War is cyberpunk world, or at least close to it. To get to the point I agree we need cyberpunk styled game. slamms fist to table


Ratings War is pretty cyberpunk. Though more cyberpunk games would certainly be welcomed.


True, we do have that,but other than that,there’s nothing really. Not to mention that in Ratings War you’re just playing as a reporter. What about as a Mega corp,a hacker, a detective,or mercenary to name a few examples? Maybe you could play as all of these in a branching game? I also think that with the themes of cyberpunk,an author can easily add in a lot of morally ambiguous choices. While we’re on the subject let’s add post-cyberpunk too!


Isn’t MetaHuman Inc rather cyberpunkish too? Although it does have a splash of fantasy in with that cyberpunk and you are in the unique position of being in charge of a large corporation. . With the implants you can get, it reminded me a little of playing Shadowrun.

I do think a cyberpunk world would work. I think you should write one. :slight_smile:


I was definitely talking about a pure Cyberpunk game with no supernatural elements. I see Metahuman Inc. as more of sci fi/fantasy . Though it also has a lot of genres crammed into it aside from those two,but I think these are the ones that are the most prominent. Also,I can’t code to save my life and I’m not sure that I have the dedication needed to see it through to the end. I’d probably wind up dropping it.:sweat: I really admire those authors who can push through and actually finish their games.

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Shadowrun was my favourite cyberpunk roleplay game. :slight_smile:

Coding isn’t so difficult. Choicescript is specifically designed for writers to be able to pick it up easily, and everyone on the forums is really helpful.

Dedication is a different matter of course. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d offer advice there but I’d be a hypocrite.


I’d just be happy if my topic inspired someone though.:slight_smile: I’m not confident in my writing skills to pull a CoG off. I just realized that tabletop rpgs and CoG aren’t all that different considering that the main point is to roleplay.


You might or might not be surprised by the amount of people trying to write a game with ChoiceScript aren’t exactly confident that their writing skills are good enough to pull it off. (I know it counts for me, at least :sweat_smile: Probably part of the reason why I abandoned my first three or four WiP’s some way through.) Like most things it’s something that’ll only improve with practice though, so even by just trying you’d get one step closer to your goal already. I hope you’ll be confident enough to at least give it a shot. While Cyberpunk isn’t really a genre I’m very familiar with it sounds pretty nice, given my love for all things Sci-Fi-ish :wink:

Good luck.


I’ve always thought of myself as an idea person. I’ve always enjoyed the concept or idea of something,but when I needed to put it to paper,it’s always been a struggle for me. It’s like, I had all of these ideas,but they disappeared like smoke.Cyberpunk is only something that’s recently caught my attention and I’m not sure why. Truthlly ,I’m a person who’s recently taken a college writing class and liked it. But if I don’t try,I won’t ever know right?

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Ideas are the easier part. They just come and go and you jot them down somewhere to keep track of them and help you remember. Turning it into something tangible that others can also make sense of and enjoy is the difficult part, since it takes time and effort. I think that counts for most of us, though there might be some rare exceptions.

But yeah, if you don’t at least try you’ll never know if you might’ve been able to pull it off.


Cyberpunk games need to be visual, imo. Like, Deus Ex or Cyberpunk 2077. Reading about just isn’t enough for me. lol

I respect your opinion,but I have to disagree on that. Although I can understand some people needing something visual to connect to. I think that if you’re a good descriptive writer (without going into purple prose!) you’ll be able to paint a picture into a person’s mind that captures a certain atmosphere. There’s tons of cyberpunk books and books(and CoGs)in general require a person to use their own imagination at least a little. If you combine that with good worldbuilding,I think that it can go a long way.

But I’m curious as to why you think cyberpunk in particular can’t be done in a text format,unlike fantasy,scifi,horror,etc?


I kicked around an idea for a Shadowrun-esque cyberpunk game that I made some slight inroads on. Never made it into a WIP proper- don’t really have the time right now. One of the things is that, I couldn’t actually make it Shadowrun; wouldn’t want to delve into the persnickity red-tape of copyrights and such. But I still, at least personally, like the genre, and might entertain the idea of doing something with it in the future sometime. The closest any games I’ve seen so far coming to Cyberpunk would be, probably, Metahuman Inc. and Ratings War. To a lesser extent, some of the grittier superhero/supervillain WIPs and Deathless: The City’s Thirst.

Still, it does feel like an untapped resource to me. I think it just takes the right kind of author to come along and give it a story it deserves.


There are a couple of borderline active entries still in official WiP mode… they just are so far down on the topic list that if commented on, they will be closed.

The exception to this is @Nathan_Faxon’s brilliant yet barely introduced WiP about a Cyberpunk Shadowrun-esque California state… although it does have magical elements introduced.

I fear that most entries will have a magical “twist” as to differentiate themselves from the main-stream cyberpunkish universe out in the general public - if an offer doesn’t, then there are some very good classic stories/movies/games that it would be compared to and being judged through such a lens is hard for many aspiring authors. With magic, there is no classical comparison that would make a WiP pale in comparison.

I’d urge @Nathan_Faxon to continue his WiP because he is one of my favorite character-authors and he inspires me a lot in his wonderfully complex character creations.

That’s a shame IMO. I believe that a Cyberpunk CoG without supernatural elements would do more to differentiate itself from the others. As long as the title tells the player that they’re playing Cyberpunk. Something like Choice of Cyberpunk? I dunno.

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From time to time I’ve mused about a cyberpunk high school game, but I’ve struggled to figure out how it would work.


How about a Cyberpunk Community College? That might be easier to translate and adapt into?

What I mean here is that most community college systems in the States are designed to provide applicable trade-school degrees and programs. As such the Cyber-Punk types of tech and plots would fit much more readily.

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I like the Cyberpunk books I’ve read, but what I really like is the imagery created to present it, like the huge cities in Deus Ex, the cyber upgrades, the lighting that you only see in Cyberpunk type movies and games. It’s just my thing.

Isn’t there cyberpunk IF on another site? I mean, not every place is post blank when it comes to those sort of games, it’s just that you need to search for it. I would also like to point out that cyberpunk is slightly knotted up with future/Si-Fi so that’s always a plus. You have Ratings war, Metahuman Inc., Choice of Robot, Meta ace, Paridox and I think you can class the Hero’s rise series but I’m unsure on that one.